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Modules & Accessories

The range of VBOX modules allows for additional data capture such as analogue, frequency, CAN, and thermocouple signals and increases the functionality of our data loggers. Our modules can be used standalone or for connection to third-party equipment.

IMU05 & IMU05-S

Highly accurate measurements of pitch, roll, and yaw rate using three rate gyros, as well as x, y, z acceleration via three accelerometers.

CAB001 - CAB165

These cable drawings are available for most RACELOGIC cables and give you invaluable information on connectors, wiring and cable length.

ACS004, ACS282, ACS009, ...

RACELOGIC provide a range of brake stop and other triggers to complete our range of GPS data loggers.


RACELOGIC radios are used to transmit differential correction information (DGPS), 'ADAS' data between 2-4 VBOX units, or VBOX serial data from a remote unit to a laptop PC. The latter can also be done via a Bluetooth link instead of a hard-wired serial connection.

ACS156, ACS193, VBACS018, ACS223, ...

RACELOGIC provide a number of different antenna options, depending upon the measurement system, the type of vehicle being used and the surrounding conditions.


Our selection of displays allows you to see real-time test results or to configure your VBOX unit.


For those who need steering angle, pedal force or tyre temperature data to augment an existing testing setup, we provide a range of sensors that connect via CAN, digital, or analogue interface to your own data logging equipment.


Increases the number of data channels logged by the VBOX 3i to 96, allows CAN input capture via two isolated CAN inputs and offers dedicated ports for RTK connection, serial radios, and MFDT.

Converts CAN bus data into voltage and digital output, enabling you to log data from a CAN bus with data logging equipment not incorporating a CAN interface.

Allows the logging of up to 16 vehicle CAN bus signals in a VBOX system. 


Allows the logging of vehicle CAN bus or CAN FD data in a VBOX system where secondary CAN modules are used.

Allows you to obtain engine speed and road speed from almost any vehicle with a CAN bus. An optional cable is available for use with a vehicle's OBD socket, for those that carry relevant CAN information on their diagnostic ports.

A general purpose input/output module that allows you to log up to 8 analogue inputs, 2 digital inputs, an additional digital state input for use as an event marker and 2 K-type thermocouple inputs, alongside the usual VBOX data.


Small, highly cost-effective module ideal for use in applications that only require a minimum of additional signals to be recorded, with one RPM (digital) input and four analogue inputs.

TC8 -V2

Measures 8 thermocouple inputs with 100 samples per second and provides a CAN output as a standalone or RACELOGIC based CAN module.


Amplifies the differential signals of up to two strain gauges to enable a sufficient analogue voltage input for a data logger.


8-channel, 16-bit analogue voltage interface for use with VBOX data loggers.

VBACS024, ACS182

RACELOGIC offer CAN splitters and other adapters to enable data logging with VBOX data loggers.

This 4-channel frequency capture and pulse counter unit allows you to record frequency based signals in the range of 1 - 20 kHz by a VBOX.
ACS252, ACS253, ACS112, ACS173, ...

RACELOGIC provide a number of different cases, battery packs and other useful accessories like a lane survey trolley for lane departure or a thermal printer that are used with an MFD display.