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Vehicle Dynamics Testing

VBOX makes it easy to perform a wide range of vehicle handling & dynamics tests in real-time.

  • Industry leading performance
  • Compliant with latest regulations
  • Ideal for high dynamic applications
  • Free data analysis software

Evaluate a Vehicle's Handling & Dynamics with VBOX

We offer a various solution for testing a vehicle's handling and dynamics characteristics. The accuracy of VBOX systems, combined with our free data analysis software, means you can easily test in accordance with the latest global regulations. Standard procedures for Aquaplane, ESC, Centreline Deviation, Lane Change, and Tyre testing can be conducted using a VBOX data logger, which offers industry leading performance.


100 Hz Sensor • <1 cm position accuracy with RTK • Internal IMU • Slip Angle with two antennas

The accurate measurement of attitude channels makes VBOX 3iSDR an ideal sensor for vehicle dynamics testing including suspension, chassis, and brake testing. The two antennas add the ability to measure slip angle at five discrete locations.

VBOX 3i Dual Antenna

100 Hz Data Logger • <1 cm position accuracy with RTK • Slip Angle with two antennas

The VBOX 3i data logger has an update rate of 100 Hz, making it ideal for high dynamic applications that require accurate measurements of speed, position and heading. Having a second GNSS Antenna means it can also measure slip angle, pitch/roll angle or heading at 100 Hz. VBOX 3i can also be connected to the VBOX IMU for highly accurate measurements of pitch, roll and yaw.

Vehicle Handling & Dynamics Testing with VBOX

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Testing

The VBOX 3i is compatible with steering robots, and enables you to conduct sine with dwell tests, without the need for ride height sensors or accelerometer packs.

  • Suitable for FMVSS126 and ESC R13H testing
  • Integrates with steering robots for consistent testing
  • Cost effective when compared to traditional ESC testing products
  • Highly accurate measurements of position, speed and yaw rate
  • Real-time testing with synchronised video and data

Aquaplane Testing

Make longitudinal and lateral Aquaplane testing as simple and quick as possible, reducing time spent on the test track.

  • Free Aquaplane testing software
  • Real-time display of wheels speeds, percentage slip and lateral acceleration
  • Automated wheel speed calibration procedure
  • Synchronised video and data with graphical overlay
  • Measure speed, distance, wheel slip, lateral acceleration and entry speed

Lane Change Testing

Perform lane change manoeuvres which fall in line with the "Elk Avoidance Test" / ISO3888-2 standard, quickly and easily.

  • Free Lane Change testing software
  • Immediate display of results for "witness" tests
  • Synchronised video and data with a graphical overlay of the speeds achieved
  • Robot integration (AB Dynamics and VEHICO)
  • Measure speed, heading, yaw rate, lateral g and steering angle

Centreline Deviation Testing

Measure a vehicle's side wind susceptibility and line deviation tendencies to within a cm

  • Measure centreline deviation, speed, heading, yaw rate and steering angle
  • View live data from the test vehicle
  • Understand the effects of side winds, suspension geometry errors and deviation
  • Free data analysis software
  • End of manufacturing line testing systems available

Tyre Testing

Test and validate the performance of tyres in various test conditions.

  • Perform high accuracy brake stops to within ±1.8 cm accuracy
  • Pedal force and travel sensor inputs via analogue or CAN
  • Measure, log and display the surface temperature of all four tyres in real-time
  • Synchronised video and data with graphics overlay
  • Free braking and aquaplane test software

VBOX Testing Equipment

A typical vehicle dynamics test setup consists of a VBOX 3i 100 Hz Dual Antenna data logger, RTK Base Station and Inertial Measurement Unit.

We also provide free data analysis software to all VBOX users, which comes with dedicated plugins that make it easy to conduct a range of ride and handling tests in real-time, as well as simplify post-processing.

VBOX Video loggers are often used for vehicle dynamics testing, as up to four cameras can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle, offering synchronised, time-stamped video and data. This can save hours, or possible days of post-processing and is particularly useful for 'witness' tests.

VBOX 3i Dual Antenna

VBOX 3i is the industry standard data logger for vehicle dynamics testing, with a 100 Hz update rate, dual antennas and RTK. It can receive RTK correctional from a Base Station or NTRIP solution, to provide centimetre-level positional accuracy.

You can easily test a vehicle's ride and handling characteristics with a VBOX 3i, with highly accurate measurements of speed, position, heading, lateral g and steering angle.

VBOX IMU Integration

Containing three accelerometers in the X, Y and Z planes, measurements from the VBOX Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) can be seamlessly blended with the GPS data from a VBOX 3i data logger.

This is useful for producing smooth and accurate data, particularly if you have a test site where the view to the sky is obstructed, such as close to bridges, tall buildings and trees.

VBOX Video Data Loggers

VBOX Video data loggers provide synchronised video and data, with a user-configurable graphical overlay.

You can easily change the data that you wish to be overlaid on your video, such as pitch and roll angles for lane change testing.

Robot Integration

The VBOX 3i is compatible with steering robots from manufacturers such as AB Dynamics and VEHICO, for tests which require precise and repeatable control.

The high torque and steering wheel speed required to perform ESC testing means that a driving robot is essential. The VBOX CAN output for speed, heading, yaw and roll rate at 100 Hz can be fed into the robot, which conducts and guides the whole test. 

Indoor Vehicle Dynamics Testing

The VBOX Indoor Positioning System is a reliable alternative to GNSS, that enables you to conduct ride and handling tests indoors. The system offers the same cm-level accuracy as the VBOX 3i RTK, and is ideal for high dynamic applications, thanks to a 100 Hz update rate.

VIPS integrates seamlessly with the VBOX 3i Data logger, meaning you can go between outdoor and indoor test locations with no loss of accuracy.

Environmental Factors

When it comes to understanding a vehicle's ride and handling characteristics, there are various factors that could adversely affect the results of the test.

Using a VBOX 3i, you can easily understand the effects of side winds, suspension geometry errors and deviation during braking and lane change manoeuvres, which is particularly useful for centreline deviation testing.

Dedicated Plugins

Quickly and easily perform tests such as Centre Line Deviation, Lane Change, Braking, and Aquaplane using our pre-configured plugins.

Customisable dashboard

Display live or post-processed data on a series of gauges, as well as start, stop and reset tests with a single click.

Chart area

See a graphical representation of the data contained within a file. Any channel (e.g. Speed against Time) can be set as X/Y axis, and multiple channels and files can be overlaid.

Map area

The map area shows a positional trace of the path taken during testing. You can also overlay a positional trace onto a satellite image.

Free Data Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite makes the process of analysing your test results as quick and easy as possible, by combining a clean layout with the ability to compare multiple sets of data simultaneously.

It is available in ten different languages and comes with several dedicated plugins for vehicle dynamics testing, making it easy to test in real-time from the test vehicle.