Calibration and Conformity Checks

If you purchased a VBOX data logger, Speed sensor or IMU, we know that accuracy and reliability are important to you. As with anything you rely on or use regularly, it is important to maintain and look after your hardware to ensure it continues to function as you would expect.

All devices that require calibration (VBOX IISX, VBOX 3i, VBOX Touch and VBOX speed sensors) will have this done before they leave our premises, meaning you can start using your new equipment straight away. It is important to calibrate your device regularly to ensure the optimum accuracy and we recommend this is done annually. We offer our own in-house RACELOGIC calibration as well as an ISO 17025 calibration service, depending on your equipment and needs.

For other modules such as our IMU04 (Inertial Measurement Unit), we can also carry out conformity checks for your peace of mind.

Please contact us to arrange a calibration or conformity check. When we return your device, we will also include the relevant certificate which you will likely need for audit purposes.