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Tyre Testing

Test and validate the performance of tyres both indoors and outdoors.

  • Perform high accuracy brake stops to within ±1.8 cm accuracy
  • Test winter tyres indoors with cm-level position accuracy
  • Measure, log and display the surface temperature of all four tyres in real-time
  • Synchronised video and data with graphics overlay
  • Free braking and aquaplane test software

Tyre Testing with VBOX 

Tyres need to be able to perform on a range of terrains in all weathers, requiring manufacturers to recreate a variety of dynamic tests during the tyres' development cycle to verify its performance. With the enhancements in tyre compounds and constructions getting smaller each year, the changes in performance need to be measured very accurately.

VBOX data acquisition systems are easy to set up and use, and can provide measurements within centimetre-level positional accuracy - allowing engineers to plot even the smallest improvements in performance. The VBOX Indoor Positioning System offers the same high accuracy and can be used to develop tyres in areas where you cannot get GPS, such as ice rinks and indoor test tracks.

Highly Accurate

The VBOX 3i will measure a vehicle's braking distance to within ±1.8 cm for a typical 100-0 km/h brake stop, and is compatible with the VBOX brake pedal trigger.

Brake Trigger Input

Our new Pedal Force Sensor measures the amount of force applied to a brake pedal, in accordance to SAE and ECE standards, and automatically triggers the start of a test as soon as any pressure is detected.

IMU Integration

Use data from a RACELOGIC IMU to improve all parameters measured in real-time - improving noise levels, maintaining accuracy in all conditions and enhancing the dynamic response to velocity. IMU integration also combats satellite drop-out for up to 10 seconds without lock.

Live Display

VBOX Test Suite installed on a Windows device within the test vehicle offers real-time display of all measured parameters, either by a serial, USB, or Bluetooth connection.

Tyre Temperature

Log up to 16 temperature points per tyre with surface temperatures ranging from -20 to 300° C. The data can be displayed live as a heat map when using a VBOX Touch data logger or as a graphical overlay when using a Video Data Logger.

Indoor Tyre Testing

The VBOX Indoor Positioning System enables you to conduct tyre tests indoors, either at purpose-built test tracks or at ice rinks. It integrates with the VBOX 3i for seamless indoor and outdoor testing, and has a built-in IMU for pitch, roll and yaw measurements.

VBOX Test Suite with dedicated Tyre Testing plugins

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software is free to all VBOX users and makes the process of recording and analysing your test data as quick and easy as possible.

The software comes with dedicated plugins for a variety of tyre tests, such as Brake testing, Pass-by Noise, Coastdown, Aquaplane and Tyre Traction.

Tests can be run within a tightly defined set of criteria, such as between temperature ranges.

The plugins also produce comprehensive reports that include all the relevant test results along with the engineer's notes.

Testing Equipment

Most tyre test departments around the world use the VBOX 3i 100 Hz GPS logger for measurement of braking distance, with the addition of an IMU system to counteract the lever arm effect for speed triggered measurements, or in areas of low GPS visibility.

The more cost-effective VBOX IISX and VBOX Touch GPS data loggers can also be used for braking measurements. The 20 Hz VBOX IISX offers braking distance accuracy to within ±10 cm, whilst the VBOX Touch is accurate to 20 cm and VBOX Touch RTK to within 5 cm.

VBOX systems are suitable for the following tyre test scenarios:

  • Brake stops
  • Coastdown
  • Drive/ Pass-by-Noise
  • Aquaplane
  • Oversteer and understeer characteristics
  • Vehicle dynamics

Measured Parameters

  • Vehicle/ Trigger speed
  • Position
  • Braking distance
  • Heading
  • Wheel slip (either from Vehicle CAN or external sensor)
  • Tyre temperatures
  • Centreline deviation
  • MFDD
  • Lateral and longitudinal G-forces
  • Brake temperatures
  • Pitch, Roll and Yaw (using an IMU or dual antenna VBOX)
  • Slip angle (using a dual antenna VBOX)

Brake Trigger Input

All VBOX brake test equipment can measure the precise moment of the brake pedal application when using a simple brake pedal trigger such as the RLVBACS004.

VBOX 3i can also be used with our new Pedal Force Sensor measuring the amount of force applied to a brake pedal, in accordance with SAE and ECE standards, and automatically triggering the start of a test as soon as any pressure is detected.

Aquaplane Testing Equipment

An important characteristic of a tyre is the speed at which it will begin to aquaplane. There are two main tests which are used in order to determine this speed. The first is in a straight line, and the second is around a corner.

The VBOX 3i 100Hz data logger has the ability to utilise data from a RACELOGIC IMU to improve all parameters measured in real-time - improving accuracy and noise levels, and enhancing the dynamic response to velocity. The VBOX 3i is the industry standard when it comes to aquaplane testing.

The RACELOGIC Steering Wheel Sensor can also be used for measuring a vehicle's steering angle; another key parameter in aquaplane testing.

Tyre Temperature Monitoring

The VBOX Tyre Temperature Monitoring System is available with either two or four sensors, that measure up to 16 temperature points on each tyre, with surface temperatures ranging from -20 to 300 °C.

A dedicated tyre temperature monitoring app for the VBOX Touch data logger presents individual heat maps in real-time, as well as live and maximum temperature values, on a 4.3" colour display. Alternatively, the sensors can be used in conjunction with a VBOX HD2 data, with real-time graphical overlay making it easy to see the temperature of each tyre in real-time.


Need to test winter tyres indoors?

The VBOX Indoor Positioning System enables you to test the performance of your tyres indoors, or in any environment where you cannot get GPS. This includes purpose-built indoor test tracks and ice rinks, meaning you can conduct winter tyre tests all year round in controlled conditions.

Offering the same accuracy as our industry standard VBOX 3i data logger, the VBOX Indoor Positioning System can be used for high dynamic applications, as well as indoor brake testing. The system can measure velocity and attitude (pitch, roll and yaw), in addition to positioning. With an update rate of 100 Hz and cm-level accuracy, VIPS can be used for performing brake tests at speeds of up to 270 km/h.

How we verify brake distance accuracies?

We regularly verify the brake test measurements obtained by the VBOX unit against a light barrier, laser, and RTK DGPS setup with Base Station to confirm a centimetre-level positional accuracy.

We also captured the test on our LabSat GPS simulator, which records the raw GPS signals and the brake trigger input, and allows us to replay it through any VBOX on the bench. This gives us a repeatable reference to check against any new firmware or hardware updates, and maintains a high standard of brake testing accuracy.

GPS Accuracy

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Increased Accuracy with RTK

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