Vehicle CAN Database

Racelogic has ready-to-use CAN signals for a wide variety of vehicles for customers to use with VCI (Vehicle CAN Interface) products. The most common parameters available are RPM, wheel speed, and throttle position. Please download the file relevant to your vehicle below and consult our user guide for details on using this file.

Vehicle Selection

Please select the make and model of the vehicle to view the wiring information and to download the CAN .ref file.


PLEASE NOTE: Racelogic Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage or malfunction caused by incorrect wiring of its products to a vehicle. Any connection to a vehicle CAN Bus should be done by a trained automotive technician.

For a complete list of vehicles covered or to download a PDF for your vehicle visit our CAN Documentation page.

Customer CAN Request

If your car is not in the list of vehicles for which we have signals, please raise a Support Ticket using the link below.

Whilst no guarantee is given that we will be able to find the correct database, we are always striving to acquire as much CAN information from as many vehicles as we can.