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Driver Status Monitoring (DSM)

Highly automated test solution to meet the requirements of the Euro NCAP Driver Status Monitoring scenario & the ADDW EU regulation.

  • 100 Hz data capture alongside 1080p 4 camera system
  • Synchronised camera footage for instant test review
  • Immediate pass/fail results for the majority of tests
  • Quick post-processing option for edge cases
  • Free, dedicated DSM test software

Test your DSM System with VBOX

For years, Video VBOX has been used for testing of ADAS and Autonomous Driving on road and track based evaluation. The 2023 Euro NCAP test scenario for Driver Status Monitoring as well as the upcoming ADDW EU regulation are prime illustrations of this, utilising the fully synchronised 1080P video capture and coupling it with 100 Hz data capture to give an extremely refined solution.

With a simple analysis software, results can be obtained easily and immediately with little to no post-processing requirements. Although, manual data reviewing is possible if required to realign the edge cases for higher confidence.

Combining the use of 2 x VBOX HD2 camera systems, a VBOX 3i data logger, the VBOX ADAS Sensos for audible and visual warning detection and using our free software for the Euro NCAP DSM scenario, testing can be efficiently completed with easy automated analysis giving immediate results.

The method of triggered data and video capture allows for a highly automated solution for extremely speedy assessment with immediate results.

VBOX Test Suite is free to all VBOX users, available in ten different languages and pre-installed with a dedicated Driver Status Monitoring test for Euro NCAP and ADDW assessment.

VBOX Test Suite installed on a Windows device within the test vehicle offers real-time display of all measured parameters.

The VBOX DSM test solution meets all NCAP and European Union requirements.

The EoT condition is given at 100 Hz and collected instantly via audio/visual warning detection or over dedicated CAN.

Cumulative distractions are calculated at 100 Hz, with results provided to the driver at EoT.

Speedy DSM Assessment with Immediate Results

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete a Driver Status Monitoring Assessment when using our highly automated solution with triggered data and video capture.

TOTAL <10 mins to complete DSM Assessment

VBOX Test Suite with Dedicated Driver Status Monitoring Test

Test Suite is an easy-to-use software solution that makes it simple to view live data and quickly see if the results are a pass or fail. With our dedicated post-processing option, you can quickly and easily check for edge cases and make sure all validation requirements, like transition duration (Taway → Tgaze), are met.

VBOX Test Suite utilises 100 Hz data input from a handheld trigger to denote Taway and VBOX Sensor input or 3rd party CAN input for audio/visual warnings to indentify Twarn/ EoT. Verification footage is recorded in 1080p for review inside the vehicle under test, meaning there is no need for lengthy off-site post-processing.

The Video VBOX mobile app allows you to live-stream camera footage to adjust the focus for each gaze position, while the Video VBOX PC application makes it easy to change the view, field of view, and picture-in-picture settings.

This level of automation results is a significant reduction in post-processing work as well as the time already saved on track. A report can be generated at the end of the test, providing all session information and results for post-test analysis.

Testing Equipment

A Driver Status Monitoring and ADDW test setup consists of two VBOX HD2 Video units each with two HD cameras allowing for 2 coupled, fully synced PiP video sources, each video containing two camera views.

Typical camera positioning would be:

  1. Undistracted driver – Eyes / head facing the road ahead
  2. Gaze location
  3. Multi-Function Display (dashboard) for any warnings given
  4. User's choice, this could be a second gaze location to carry out 2 tests back-to-back or of the road ahead for media purposes.

Each VBOX HD2 video box is receiving data from a VBOX 3i ADAS data logger, which records speed and position throughout the assessment at 100 Hz. The data is fully time synchronised with the video (s) allowing you to easily review the results and playback the test in full.

Measured Parameters

  • Taway - driver initiated trigger
  • Tgaze – confirmed from video assessment within software
  • Twarn – Recorded via VBOX ADAS Sensors or 3rd party over CAN at 100 Hz
  • Speed, position, time and acceleration throughout the assessment
2 VBOX HD2 Video units each with 2 x HD cameras allowing for 2 coupled PiP fully synced video sources, each video containing 2 camera views.
VBOX 3i ADAS data logger, recording speed and position throughout the assessment at 100 Hz.
VBOX ADAS Sensors for audible and visual warning detection