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Brake Testing

Due to their high precision, flexibility, and ease of installation, VBOX data loggers are used by almost every automotive and tyre manufacturer in the world to carry out brake distance measurements and for validating the accuracy of braking assist systems.

VBOX systems enable you to conduct brake tests using both trigger and speed-to-speed methods, and we also offer a range of accessories that enable you to measure pedal force and activation with just one sensor, and colour touchscreen displays that present your results in real-time.

Tyre Testing

With enhancements in tyre compounds and constructions getting smaller each year, manufacturers need the ability to accurately measure changes.

VBOX data loggers are easy to set up, quick to use, and can provide measurements with cm-level positional accuracy - allowing engineers to plot even the smallest improvements in performance.

Our tyre testing solutions enable you to test both summer and winter tyres all year round in controlled conditions, both indoors and outdoors.