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Vehicle Performance Testing

VBOX systems are the industry standard for measuring speed and position, and are often used for validating test results in world record attempts.

  • Speed sensors and data loggers for all budgets
  • Update rates from 10 to 100 Hz
  • Accurately measure speed, position and distance
  • Acceleration, deceleration and benchmarking
  • See your results in real-time

Vehicle Performance Testing with VBOX

VBOX data loggers can be used for testing a vehicle’s performance, such as acceleration or deceleration, over a certain distance or time. Data such as G-force and VMAX is also presented in a user-friendly format and logged to an SD card, for quick and easy analysis in the free VBOX Test Suite software. Some data loggers, such as the VBOX Touch, have a large screen that presents your performance test results to you in real-time, with a clear pass / fail status for each run.

VBOX systems also have a significant advantage over other test equipment when used for vehicle benchmarking, as our speed sensors and data loggers can be easily moved from car to car, and accurately decode information from numerous OEM CAN bus protocols.

Performance test data can also be synchronised with HD video footage using the Video VBOX HD2, with a real-time graphical overlay of the required parameters for each test.

Acceleration Testing

Our compact and portable data loggers make it easy to test a vehicle's acceleration over a set distance or time, such as 0-60 mph or over a quarter mile, with real-time feedback.

Deceleration Testing

Easily test how quickly your vehicle decelerates between certain speeds or to a standstill. VBOX data loggers enable you to conduct speed-to-speed and trigger activated deceleration tests.

Ideal for Benchmarking

VBOX data loggers can be easily moved from car to car and accurately decode information from numerous OEM CAN bus protocols, thanks to our free library of vehicle CAN (.ref) files.

Video Integration

VBOX video loggers provide synchronised video and data, with real-time graphical overlay. Up to four cameras can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle, so you can understand its exact behaviour.

Live Display

Test results can be seen live from the vehicle, either on a PC or tablet using VBOX Test Suite, on the data loggers' internal screen, or using an additional VBOX colour touchscreen display.

World Record Verification

VBOX data loggers are often used in Guinness World Record attempts, and have been used to validate the world's longest drift in an electric vehicle, as well as the fastest slalom and acceleration runs.

VBOX Test Suite

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software makes the process of recording and analysing your performance test data as quick and easy as possible.

It is available in ten different languages and can be installed on Windows computers or tablets, offering a great solution for real-time testing.

There are dedicated plugins for Acceleration and Deceleration testing, that enable you to enter the start and end conditions, and begin testing in just a few clicks. The plugins also have a range of pre-set speed and distance conditions, such as 0-60 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-100 mph, 0-130 mph, 0-160 km/h, 0-200 km/h, 0-End of Acceleration and Quarter Mile.

Testing Equipment

Performance testing can be conducted using any VBOX data logger, performance meter or video data logger. We offer a range of data loggers to suit any budget, including the plug & play VBOX Touch and industry leading VBOX 3i, which has a 100 Hz update rate.

VBOX systems are ideal for:

  • Acceleration testing
  • Deceleration testing
  • Coastdown testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Traction Control Development
  • Performance Feel and Drivability
  • Journalists & broadcast companies

Measured Parameters

  • Speed
  • Acceleration / Braking
  • Heading
  • Distance
  • Drive lines
  • Lap times
  • Vehicle signals via CAN or analogue inputs

VBOX Touch Data Logger

VBOX Touch is our new data logger that has a large 4.3" colour touchscreen, enabling you to see your test results in real-time. It even comes pre-loaded with a dedicated performance app, with shortcuts for popular tests such as 0-60 and 0-100 acceleration tests, and 100-0 and 60-0 deceleration tests.

Performance test results are saved to an SD card, and the device also provides audio and visual alerts, alerting the driver when a particular condition has been met, such as reaching the target speed.

VBOX 3i Data Logger

VBOX 3i is the industry standard data logger for performance and brake testing. It logs data at 100 Hz and offers a wide range of features, including USB and Bluetooth connectivity, compact flash card logging, audio functionality for voice tagging and inputs for brake trigger, CAN, analogue and digital interfaces.

The VBOX 3i offers brake stop accuracy to within 1.8 cm, which is one of the reasons why it is used by almost every OEM and proving ground.

VBOX IISX Data Logger

Another popular choice for performance testing is the VBOX IISX, if a 100 Hz update rate is not required. The VBOX IISX also logs to an SD card, at a rate of either 5, 10 or 20 Hz times per second, giving very repeatable and accurate results.

It also offers support for a high speed brake trigger input, CAN interface and two sets of analogue and digital outputs, and brake stop accuracy to within 10 cm.

VBOX Video Loggers

VBOX Video data loggers offer synchronised video and data, with real-time graphical overlay. We offer a range of systems, that are available with either four (SD) or two (HD) cameras, that can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle.

The graphical overlay is totally user-configurable and can be easily altered to present relevant information according to the tests being conducted. 

Multi-Function Touch Display

The Multi-Function Touch Display can be used with the VBOX 3i, to display GPS derived channels such as speed, as well as additional data channels from deceleration tests.

Similar to the VBOX Touch, it can present live performance test results on a 4.3" colour touchscreen, and comes with a number of pre-loaded test conditions, such as 0-60, 0-100 and 60-0 or 100-0 testing. It can also present your test results on screen, using graphical elements such as charts and tables.

Customer Profiles

VBOX equipment is used by a number of motoring publications and broadcast companies, including the BBC and Top Gear. A large proportion of new vehicles are put through their paces by journalists, keen to test straight line acceleration and braking, lap times, cornering g-forces, and many more parameters.

Television production companies making programmes where performance timing or speed measurement is a requirement (such Northone TV, who produce the motoring show "Fifth Gear" - and who also filmed the 2014 series "Speed" featuring motorcycle racer Guy Martin - for broadcast in the UK) turn to VBOX data loggers thanks to their ease of use and reliability.