Pedal Force Sensor

Measure pedal application and force with one sensor.

  • Compliant with SAE J2909 & ECE regulation 13-H
  • Measure the load applied to the accelerator or brake pedal
  • Built-in strain gauge amplifier
  • Optional 'Event Marker Interface' measures pedal application

Key Features

Built-in strain gauge amplifier

Removes the need for additional external amplifiers by providing a sufficient analogue voltage output.

Low profile design

The sensor is extremely compact with an overall height of just 24.5 mm and features a large contact area with anti-slip surface.

Stable temperature compensation

Can be used in environments between -10°C and 40°C, with consistent readings even when the temperature fluctuates.

Low sensitivity to off-centre loads

The anti-slip spherical loading surface minimises the effects of off-axis loading, ensuring consistent and reliable test results every single time.

Easy installation

Supplied with a universal mounting bracket, the sensor is easy to install on accelerator, brake and clutch pedals in almost any vehicle, and is also easy to remove.

Brake testing to SAE & ECE standards

Measure the amount of force applied to a brake pedal, as per SAE J2909 (Brake testing) and ECE R13H (Brake Assist Systems) standards.

Need to measure pedal application and force?

Well now you can, with just one sensor. The VBOX Pedal Force Event Marker Interface connects inline between the Pedal Force Sensor and VBOX 3i data logger, triggering the start of a brake test as soon as any pressure is detected.

The Pedal Force Event Marker Interface

As soon as any pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the interface outputs a digital signal, which can be used to trigger the start of a test. It works in a similar way to a traditional brake pedal trigger, but also allows for the measurement of pedal force and does not need to be stuck to the pedal. Instead, it can be placed next to the VBOX 3i that it is connected to, or securely inside the VBOX carry case.

This gives you a complete solution which measures the amount of force applied to a brake pedal, as well as pedal application, in accordance with SAE J2909 (Braking) and ECE R13H (Braking Assist Systems) regulations.

The VBOX Pedal Force Event Marker Interface constantly monitors the pedal force sensor voltage and adjusts the trigger threshold. This accounts for any fluctuations in pedal force caused by changes in temperature of the sensor itself, preventing incorrect trigger activation.


Technical Specifications


Measurement range
0 - 150 kg (1470.99 N)
Overload limit
225 kg (2206.5 N)
Measurement accuracy
1% FSO
Zero balance/ offset (%/rated output)
2% FSO*
Non-Linearity (%/rated output)
<±0.5% FSO
Hysteresis (%/rated output)
<±0.5% FSO
Output range
0-5 V DC


*The pedal force transducer has a zero load output of approximately 0.1 Volts

Environmental & Power

Operating Temperature range
-10°C to 40°C
Temperature effect on zero
(%/rated output/C)
<±0.007%/°C FSO
Temperature effect on output (%/applied load/C)
< ±0.005%/°C FSO
Storage Temperature
approx. -20°C to +80°C
min 8.5 Volts, max 28 Volts
Current Draw
8 mA typical


IP Rating
Stainless Steel
Load cell: 435g
Bracket: 250g
Bolts: 50g
Total: 740g
Cell Dimensions (Diameter x H)
75 mm x 24.5 mm
Bracket Dimensions (L x W x H)
146.2 mm x 93.3 mm 19 mm


Output Type
Active low open drain with a maximum sink current of 150 mA
Activation Force
<5 N

Environmental & Power

Operating Temperature range
-40°C to +85°C
Power Supply
4-40 V DC @ 10 mA Max

The pedal force event marker interface is not designed to be connected directly to vehicle power. It connects to a VBOX 3i and gets power from this, as it requires theVBOX 3i power input protection.


IP Rating
94 g
Input Signal wire length
~320 mm
Output Signal wire length
~265 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
66 m x 45 mm x 25 mm

Download the datasheet for all specifications.

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