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Enhanced Data Capture and Flexible CAN Configuration for VBOX 3i

  • Capture data from two isolated CAN inputs
  • Double module channel capture from 32 to 64
  • Simplify your ADAS setup with dedicated ports for RTK & serial radios
  • Remove the need for splitters with dedicated ports for MFD or VBOX Manager

What is it for?

VBOX CAN Hub neatly attaches to the VBOX 3i, extending the VBOX 3i system’s ability to capture data, making CAN data management more flexible, and simplifying complex testing setups.

Flexible Configuration for CAN Connections

VBOX CAN Hub offers flexible CAN port usage over two isolated CAN inputs, allowing for the concurrent data collection from two distinct CAN networks, with each network supporting up to 32 channels. This is especially important in tests where isolating data is critical.

Additionally, CAN Hub offers flexible CAN Output options, capable of transmitting CAN data at different baud rates. This versatility increases its compatibility with a diverse array of devices and systems, making it a highly adaptable tool for automotive testing.

Enhanced Data Capture Capability

VBOX CAN Hub expands the data logging capabilities of VBOX 3i by increasing the total number of data channels from 64 to 96. The actual number of data channels a VBOX 3i can log depends on the allocation of ports and the type of data source used.

When the VBOX CAN Hub is used with VBOX Modules (like IMU05, Mini Input Module, Thermocouple Interface, Frequency Input Module), the number of module channels that the VBOX 3i can handle doubles from 32 to 64.

Similarly, when integrating data from Vehicle CAN or third-party sensors, the VBOX 3i's capacity to log CAN channels also doubles from 32 to 64.

If both VBOX Modules and Vehicle CAN/third-party sensor data are used together, the available channels are shared between these sources.

Simplified Setup for ADAS Testing

Dedicated ports for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) connection and serial radios streamline the setup process in ADAS testing. Dedicated ports remove the need for splitters, leading to a cleaner installation and potentially improving the reliability of connections.

Reduced Need for Splitters

Like the above point, having a dedicated port for Multi-Function Display (MFD) or VBOX Manager means a more straightforward and less cluttered setup, as it eliminates the potential need for splitters.

Technical Specifications


Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature
-30°C to +80°C


Input Voltage
7 - 30 V DC
Power Consumption
<1.5 W


Dimensions (L x W x H)
170 x 123 x 30 mm
620 g