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Thermocouple Interface

Allows up to 8 K-type thermocouple channels to be logged by the VBOX with 100 samples per second.

  • Direct K-type thermocouple connection
  • 100 Hz logging
  • Individual channel status LEDs
  • Supports standard and extended CAN frames
  • Individual Cold Junction Compensation sensor for each channel
  • Timer controlled transmission or polled response

How does it work?

The VBOX Thermocouple Interface (TC8-V2) measures 8 thermocouple inputs with 100 samples per second and provides a CAN output as a standalone or RACELOGIC based CAN module.

It is primarily designed to connect to a VBOX GPS data logger and log thermocouple data along with the normal channels of VBOX data. It works from any power supply from 6 V up to 30 V.

The usable measuring range of the Thermocouple Interface is -200 °C to +1300 °C. The unit uses a 24-bit ADC.

The unit can be used in standalone timed mode or in conjunction with other RACELOGIC modules such as the Analogue Input (ADC03) or Vehicle CAN (CAN02) interface.

Technical Specifications

Thermocouple Inputs

Input Range (usable)
-269°C to 1372°C
(-200°C to +1300°C)
Sample Rate
100 Hz
24 bit
System Accuracy
-200°C to -100°C: ± 0.8°C
-100°C to 1000°C: ± 0.5°C
1000°C to 1300°C: ± 0.7°C

CAN Output

CAN Type
CAN 2.0A or CAN 2.0B compatible
CAN Baud Rates
125 Kbit/s, 250 Kbit/s, 500 Kbit/s, 1M bit/s

Environmental & Physical

Operating temperature
-20°C to +70°C
Power Supply
6-30 VDC <2W
approx. 352 g
Size (W x L x H)
85 x 125 x 32.6 mm