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20 Hz GPS Data Logger

With a 20 Hz GPS update rate and options for connectivity, the VBOX IISX is a cost-effective data logger that suits a wide range of requirements.

  • 20 Hz update rate
  • High contrast OLED screen display & buttons for basic configuration
  • Connects to all VBOX input modules
  • CAN-Bus input of up to 16 parameters

Key Features

CAN Bus Input

Log up to 16 vehicle CAN parameters, or connect to external modules like the Thermocouple Interface, Frequency Input Module, and Analogue Input Module.

Brake Trigger

By using a physical switch on the brake pedal, a precise start of the 'braking event' can be captured. This is required to get true stopping distance with ±10 cm accuracy.

OLED Screen Display

VBOX II SX features a high contrast OLED screen display and buttons for basic configuration without a PC.

Digital & Analogue OUT

The digital and analogue outputs (2 each) can be configured to output velocity (or other GPS parameters) for use by additional data logging equipment.

Real-time Testing

Connects to a laptop or tablet via USB or Serial, making it easy to test in real-time, directly from the test vehicle.

SD Card Logging

Data is stored to SD card in a standard PC format (ASCII text) allowing fast transfer of data to a PC with an SD card reader.

VBOX IISX - Single Antenna

VBOX IISX logs data at 20 times a second and features a built-in display, SD card logging, high speed brake trigger input, CAN interface and two sets of analogue and digital outputs.

It's multi-constellation GNSS engine gives a high standalone positional accuracy of <1 m, and <0.5 m when utilising the free WAAS/EGNOS correction service.

Brake & Tyre Testing

An update rate of 20 Hz is still plenty fast enough for brake testing. You don’t quite get the phenomenal ±1.8 cm acuracy of the VBOX 3i, but for many purposes the ±10 cm achieved is more than adequate. The VBOX IISX has a high speed brake trigger input, which scans for a braking event 100,000 times a second.

Performance Testing

This unit is perfect for all variations of performance testing, the accuracy and quick response of the 20 Hz unit gives very repeatable and accurate results, when tested back to back with the VBOX 3i, they are within a few hundredths of a second every time.

Free Data Analysis Software

VBOX Test Suite

Our user-friendly, intuitive data analysis software comes pre-loaded with application specific plugins that make it quick and easy to conduct Braking, Coastdown, Pass-By Noise, Performance and Tyre tests.

  • Over 25 application specific plugins
  • Live and post-event data analysis
  • Analyse multiple data sets simultaneously
  • Create your own custom tests
  • Customisable layout
  • Easily create charts, tables and reports

Technical Specifications


0.1 km/h
(averaged over 4 samples)
km/h or mph
Maximum velocity
1600 km/h
Minimum velocity
0.1 km/h
0.01 km/h
41.5 ms


20 g
0.01 g

Absolute Positioning (2D)

Accuracy (Standalone)
V: 0.7 m*
Accuracy with SBAS
V: 0.4 m*
Accuracy with DGPS
V: 0.3 m*

*95% CEP (Circle of Error Probable). This means that 95% of the time, the position readings will fall within a circle of the stated radius.



Brake Stop

±10 cm


0.05 % (<50 cm per km)
m or ft
1 cm

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How does it work

GPS in Vehicle Testing

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