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MFD Touch - Release Notes

Compatible Products (Product Code): RLVBMFDT

Please note: The MFD Touch display only shows data from the VBOX 3i, VBOX 3iS and 100 Hz Speed Sensor range. – 3 August 2023

  • [NEW] Added Lap Timing testing; Able to perform circuit or point to point tests, with time at and ‘speed at’ results given for up to 6 separate split gates.
  • [NEW] Added VMAX Acceleration test type
  • [NEW] Added thermal printer compatibility; Test results will automatically print when an RLVBACS026 is connected.
  • [NEW] Added support for use with VBOX 3i ADAS
  • [CHANGE] Kalman Filter status indicator updated to match VBOX 3i front panel behaviour.
  • [CHANGE] Increased IMU Kalman Filter status reports to improve user troubleshooting.
  • [FIX] Text colour no longer reset when changing selected parameter
  • [FIX] Acceleration and Deceleration tests no longer abort when IMU Kalman Filter is used and satellite reception is lost
  • [FIX] Removed stability issues caused by autosave file being blank. – 12 August 2022

  • [NEW] Support added for new VBOX Touch hardware (V2). – 27 July 2022

  • [NEW] Support added for product integration with with VB3iS range. Firmware Version 1.2.9388 or greater required.
  • [NEW] Support added for product integration with VBSS100 range. Firmware Version 1.8.1664 or greater required.
  • [CHANGE] Distance parameter now continues to be calculated during GNSS dropouts with Kalman Filter utilised.
  • [FIX] Removed erroneous screen alerts when removing the penultimate screen.
  • [FIX] Small correction applied to 'Speed at Distance' result, when the test starts from stationary.

Version - 07 March 2022

New features

Ability to perform acceleration tests and to show the test parameters on screen

Users can now configure speed, distance or 0-Speed-0 tests, along with test start/end alerts, enable one-foot rollout, and write test results directly to an SD card inserted in the MFD Touch. Acceleration test parameters can be displayed on multiple data screens, allowing them to be monitored in real-time.

More information on this is available here.

Ability to show VBOX internal CAN, external CAN, and AD channel information

MFD Touch is now capable of displaying internal and external CAN data along with analogue/digital data. This allows for additional channels to be monitored such as ADAS channels, internal AD and external modules including IMU04, MIM01, ADC03 and more.

CF card icon and recording icon with the ability to control VBOX recording

MFD Touch will now display a CF card icon and recording icon.

The CF card icon allows the user to know when there is a CF card detected in the connected VBOX 3i, and the recording icon can be used to control the logging function of the VBOX 3i.

The Record Icon shows the current logging status of the connected VBOX 3i unit and reflects the VBOX 3i front panel LOG LED.

It is now possible to use the Screenshot Button to save a full image of what is shown on a display screen to the inserted SD card.

More information on this is available here.

Additional indicators for statuses such as IMU Kalman filter and Dual Antenna

Additional indicators have been added to allow users to quickly and easily identify the status of the IMU Kalman Filter, dual antenna, media status and GNSS status.

More information on this is available here.

Additional alerts and user feedback

A number of alerts and user feedback screens have been added to allow for a better understanding of the behaviour of the MFD Touch and connected VBOX 3i. These include a logging beep, a 'No CAN' feedback screen, along with start and end alerts for acceleration tests.

When using VBOX Manager

VBOX Manager will now cause a brief interrupt in the CAN communication between the VBOX 3i and MFD Touch. This is to allow for the VBOX Manager to configure the VBOX 3i. A notification screen will be shown on the MFD Touch when the VBOX Manager is being used, which will restrict the ability to make changes to the MFD Touch. Once the changes have been completed, the MFD Touch will regain CAN communication with the VBOX 3i.

Test completion time and date added to results file

The time and date have been added to the written results file for acceleration, deceleration, and trigger tests. This shows the start time and date for each run that is completed in the file.

Additional parameters added, such as current file name and media used

Additional parameters have been added to the selection lists which allow users to monitor further VBOX 3i parameters. These parameters include logging status, current file name, memory used, and the various acceleration test parameters.

Added centreline deviation test results for trigger and deceleration tests

MFD Touch now calculates centreline deviation and will populate any numerical element with this parameter assigned, as well as populate within the written results file for both deceleration and trigger stop tests.


  • [Fix] Improved time taken to add and remove additional screens
  • [Fix] Clearer borders for Analogue and G-Ball
  • [Fix] Various UI improvements, such as page numbers on the main screen - 12 February 2021

  • [New] Ability to add and remove screens (1-10 screen range)
  • [New] Analogue Gauge screen
  • [New] G-Ball screen
  • [New] Target Graph screen
  • [New] Horizontal Bar Graph screen
  • [New] Screenshot function

  • [Fix] Improved dynamic resizing of text labels
  • [Fix] Various other UI improvements
  • [Fix] Re-applying current test configuration values no longer resets results
  • [Fix] Negative sign no longer counts towards character input limit

  • [Change] Parameter properties now reset after parameter channel/source is changed

Version - October 2020

  • First commercial release