Speed Profiler App

  • Released: 21 May 2021

  • Version:

  • This app enables VBOX Touch to give audible and visual guidance to the driver based on a pre-set speed profile. It is ideal for durability, fuel economy and tyre testing where you want to ensure consistent and repeatable test conditions with regard to speed and distance.

    The speed profile can be created by generating a .spp file in Notepad and loading it to the VBOX Touch via an SD card (after the Speed Profiler app has been installed).

    1. Download the latest update file below
      (Your unit must be registered to receive the required login details for the download. Register here.)
    2. Unzip the folder and place the .rvf file on to the root directory of the SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
    3. Insert the SD card into the side panel of the unpowered unit.
    4. Power up VBOX Touch.
    5. Confirm the update by pressing OK. The unit will then display an update screen with a progress bar.
    6. Once complete, the unit will restart.

    Once the firmware is successfully loaded on to the unit, the file will be removed from the SD card.

    • [New] Support for VBOX Touch RTK and Performance Box Touch hardware
    • [Fix] Issue with beep tone staying on after changing speed tolerance
    • [Fix] Issue with the unit crashing when SD card is ejected and an SPP file is selected
    • [Fix] Unit displaying '???' on logging settings when the app is first installed
    • [Fix] LED colour being incorrect for first stage above target speed
    • [Fix] Unit crashing when a wrong format is used for the spp file
    • [Fix] Unit loading wrong SPP file at times
    • [Fix] Results file listing the same vbo file for multiple runs when RESET was pressed

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