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Speed Profiler App - Release Notes

Compatible Products: VBOX Touch, VBOX Touch RTK and Performance Box Touch

Version – 29 November 2023

  • Adds support for new VBOX Touch hardware variants.

Version – 10 May 2023

  • [Fix] Issue with playback duration/speed.

Version – 30 January 2023

  • [New] Adds support for CAN (VBTOUCH Only).
    Initial release of CAN functionality within Speed Profiler App, adding support for CAN input (from vehicle database / DBC files, or RACELOGIC modules) and CAN output.
  • [New] Serial Stream Output and integration with Test Suite (VBTOUCH Only).
  • [New] Date-Time and Time zone configuration.
  • [New] Battery Pack Support (PBTOUCH Only).

  • [Fix] Issue where large SPP files would cause the screen to hang.
  • [Fix] Better handling of bad profiles - New warning screens and bug fixes.
  • [Fix] Issue with un-pressable buttons has been resolved.

Version – 21 May 2021

  • [New] Support for VBOX Touch RTK and Performance Box Touch hardware
  • [Fix] Issue with beep tone staying on after changing speed tolerance
  • [Fix] Issue with the unit crashing when SD card is ejected and an SPP file is selected
  • [Fix] Unit displaying '???' on logging settings when the app is first installed
  • [Fix] LED colour being incorrect for first stage above target speed
  • [Fix] Unit crashing when a wrong format is used for the spp file
  • [Fix] Unit loading wrong SPP file at times
  • [Fix] Results file listing the same vbo file for multiple runs when RESET was pressed

Version BETA – October 2019

  • Initial release