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14 December 2023

New VBOX 3i Firmware and Software

Enhanced usability, precision, and overall functionality for all VBOX 3i systems from V5 onwards.

We are pleased to announce the release of the version 3 firmware for VBOX 3i systems, a significant development in our enhancement of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testing process for VBOX products. This latest iteration has been engineered to simplify configuration procedures and enhance user-friendliness, all while introducing a host of valuable new features. Explore our tutorial below to see how these changes can benefit you.

Version 3 firmware will come pre-installed as standard on all new units leaving RACELOGIC. Additionally, as part of our commitment to customer service, these updates are available free of charge to all owners of VBOX 3i (v5) systems. If you have purchased a VBOX 3i since July 2017, you can benefit from these features and improvements.

VBOX 3i (V5)

Customers who purchased their VBOX 3i in July 2017 or later (V5) can install this firmware.

VBOX Setup

To benefit from the new VBOX 3i firmware, you'll need to use the latest version of VBOX Setup Software (

This version is available for download above or through the auto-updater feature.

VBOX Test Suite

You will need VBOX Test Suite version 2.0.144 or greater to view the new file type (.VBB) created by the VBOX 3i.

Alongside the release of V3 firmware for the VBOX 3i product range, there have been some changes to the compatible products. This firmware version also requires the latest version of VBOX CAN Hub (2.0.7 or higher), MFD Touch ( or higher) and VBOX Manager (4.0 b2752 or higher).


MFD Touch

VBOX Manager

If you own the new IMU05 and IMU05-S, this firmware update is necessary for compatibility.

Updated VBOX CAN output .dbc files are available in the VBOX CAN Database.

Short Tutorials

Explore our tutorial below to see how these changes can benefit you.

V3 Firmware for VBOX 3i

VBOX 3i Firmware: Product Compatibility