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28 July 2022

MFT Touch now compatible with VBOX 3iS and 100 Hz Speed Sensors

The latest firmware release for the MFD Touch makes the multi-function display compatible with VBOX 3iS and the 100 Hz Speed Sensor, in addition to the VBOX 3i. The 4.3” daylight readable colour touchscreen makes it easy to see the data required for your test. It also provides the driver with audio and visual alerts, including when user-defined data conditions or test conditions have been met, via an inbuilt speaker and 4 x LED status lights. Release notes

  • [NEW] Support added for product integration with VB3iS range. Firmware Version 1.2.9388 or greater required.
  • [NEW] Support added for product integration with VBSS100 range. Firmware Version 1.8.1664 or greater required.
  • [CHANGE] Distance parameter now continues to be calculated during GNSS dropouts with Kalman Filter utilised.
  • [FIX] Removed erroneous screen alerts when removing the penultimate screen.
  • [FIX] Small correction applied to 'Speed at Distance' result, when the test starts from stationary.