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Making high-accuracy indoor vehicle and ADAS testing a reality

Join Kevin Bursnall, Technical Sales Director, and Jake Durbin, Applications Team Manager, as they talk through the development, delivery and capabilities of our indoor positioning system - VIPS.

From design conception through to installation at world leading facilities, they will show how VIPS can run up to 5 target vehicles simultaneously and deliver centimetre-level accuracy at high speeds, with no loss of signal between indoor and outdoor transitions or moving between building levels.

Watch our Webinar On-Demand and discover

  • How centimetre-level accuracy is now a reality in environments where GNSS signals are restricted or unavailable.

  • The range of brake, tyre, vehicle dynamics, AV and ADAS testing that VIPS enables within indoor facilities.

  • How VIPS has been designed for simple integration with a range of data loggers and other systems, including test platforms and targets.

  • The flexible installation options, permanent or temporary, and range of scale and set up requirements.

  • Installations and use cases, including the world's longest indoor test track at the AstaZero Test House in Sweden.

Kevin Bursnall

Technical Sales Director

Kevin has 17 years’ experience in leading the RACELOGIC technical development of automotive test and validation solutions. He had a lead role in developing the latest IMU integration facility, comprehensive VBOX ADAS testing solutions and cutting-edge Indoor Positioning System. Kevin works with specialist organisations to provide simple and accurate solutions to the latest challenges facing automotive testing.

Jake Durbin

Applications Team Manager

Jake has 13 years’ automotive related industry experience, which includes advising Formula 1 teams on tyre performance and as a chassis engineer for Automotive OEMs. More recently, he has spent much of the last decade managing the applications department that oversee the development of new VBOX Automotive products and ADAS test solutions. Jake travels to customer sites worldwide to provide training that ensures they get the most value from their investment in VBOX Automotive products.