Firmware update for MFD released

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DSP03 Multifunction displayToday we have releasing a new firmware version for the Multi-Function Display (MFD).

Version 13.09 resolves several stability issues and incorporates the fixes made in the 13.06 BETA release to achieve a closer match of the Pass-By Noise acceleration calculation to the Regulation 51 calculation formula.

 Release notes 13.09 - March 2019

  • Fixed issue where MFD could freeze when running at 1 M/Bit Baud rate while connected to Can Hub.
  • Fixed issue where random characters could be displayed when MFD 'beep' action is triggered.
  • Changes made to Pass-By Noise acceleration calculation to ensure closer match to Regulation 51 calculation formula.
  • Additional parameter for Pass by Noise test. Mid-point to end accel for fixed gear transmissions in R51 regulation.
  • Different calculation used for average accel through test area

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