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Security & Defence

We offer a range of solutions for the security and defence industry, that enable you to test and develop on road, off-road and amphibious vehicles with high accuracy and precision.

  • GNSS, Inertial & Indoor Positioning Systems
  • Measure speed and position anywhere
  • Ground truth measurement in any environment
  • Centimetre-level position accuracy
  • Vehicle Dynamics, Performance and Handling testing

Centimetre-level Accuracy

We fuse multiple GNSS constellations and inertial data to give you the best possible data in all environments. VBOX data loggers can measure position with centimetre-level accuracy and synchronise this data with time-stamped, HD video footage.

Position, speed and attitude in all conditions

If you need to measure trajectory in difficult conditions, or require centimetre level accuracy in areas where GPS doesn’t normally yield good results, our inertial navigation or indoor positioning systems could be the ideal solution.

Free Analysis Software

Our free VBOX Test Suite analysis software simplifies the process of testing and validating almost every aspect of a vehicle’s performance, such as acceleration, braking and handling, with dedicated vehicle testing plugins.

Vehicle Testing

VBOX systems provide highly accurate measurements of position, speed and attitude, enabling you to test and validate the performance of virtually any military vehicle; including trucks, boats, amphibious vehicles, tanks, heavy recovery and armoured vehicles.

Our data loggers record all the information you need for almost any automotive and autonomous vehicle tests, whilst our speed sensors and inertial navigation systems are designed to integrate with your existing control system or data logger. 

Both can offer centimetre level position accuracy, speed accuracy of 0.1 km/h and measure pitch, roll and yaw at a rate of 100 times per second. If you require precise measurements, even in GNSS denied environments, then our VBOX product range could be the answer and can help with the following aspects of vehicle testing and development:

  • Acceleration and braking
  • Handling and dynamics
  • Vehicle and Tyre noise emissions
  • Transition between land and water
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Aircraft arresting systems
  • Measuring pedal force
  • Logging vehicle CAN data

VBOX Video data loggers also offer synchronised HD video and data with real-time graphical overlay.

GNSS Simulation

If you carry out repeatable testing or need to test in remote or hostile areas, our LabSat GNSS simulators can help.

Designed to record and replay real world satellite data, as well as simulate almost any kind of test at a set time and data from anywhere in the world, LabSat can be used for the development of almost any GPS enabled device.