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VBOX Manager Firmware (VB3iS/SDR) - Release Notes

Compatible Products (Product Code): VBFMAN

For VBOX 3iS/SDR only. Please clearly label the VBOX Manager, showing it is only to be used with a VBOX 3iS or VBOX 3iSDR.

Please note: You will also need RACELOGIC Upgrader to upgrade the unit.

V3.0 b2481 - November 2022


  • VB3iSD support
    The VBOX Manager now supports the VB3iSDR with the ability to connect to the unit and set various settings such as IMU settings, GNSS settings, and ADAS settings
  • Ethernet
    An Ethernet menu was added to allow for Ethernet destination and unit IP addresses to be configured on VB3iSD units.


  • Updated ABD modes
    The menu on the VBOX Manager has been modified to accommodate for ABD robot modes that do not require RTK
  • Moving Base baud rate
    When changing the DGNSS mode to Moving Base, the DGPS baud rate will be set to 115200 by default. Once set to 115200, the baud rate will be limited to 115200 only
  • Gyro offsets
    If the unit is in external IMU mode, but an IMU is not detected when Auto-Level is run, the user will be presented with an error message

3.00 b2291 - October 2019

  • First release - Beta version