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15 October 2020

VBOX Test Suite 1.10 released

A new version of VBOX Test Suite is now available to download. Our free data analysis software now includes a plugin (beta) for R139 Brake Assist, Category B testing, along with several new features and shortcuts, that make the software even easier to use.

What are the main new features?

  • Usability improvements such as shortcuts and scroll bars
  • Enhancements to the dashboard area make it easier to use and navigate
  • Use Test results in maths channels with the new ‘Calculated’ column
  • Custom Test now allows a test to be started when a channel value >= a given value
  • Measure Tool now interpolates the start and end of the range
  • Reset on start condition is now an option within a brake trigger test
  • End of Session condition now available in Custom Test plugin

To see what else is new in the latest release, please see the history notes on our Support Centre.

If you are already using VBOX Test Suite, the software will update to the latest version automatically if you have this option enabled.