VBOX 3iS is now available to order

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VB3iS angle frontWe are excited to announce our most advanced GNSS product ever, the VBOX 3iS, is now available to order. We have been working hard to improve the performance of our products in difficult areas such as urban canyons, bridges and tunnels, and the VBOX 3iS is the result of these developments.

Key features

  • Compact GNSS / inertial sensor
  • Connects to your existing control system
  • 2 cm positional accuracy
  • Fills gaps in areas with poor GNSS 
  • 100 Hz GPS / GLONASS receiver
  • Integrated IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
  • Built-in display for easy configuration and diagnostics

 You can download the full datasheet here.

ADAS & Autonomous testing

The VBOX 3iS is a cost-effective solution for testing and validating the latest ADAS and Autonomous vehicle systems.

Available with RTK to give ± 2 cm positional accuracy, the new sensor is an ideal companion for popular steering robots. The small size and lower cost of the VBOX 3iS makes it ideal for use in multi-vehicle, multi-target ADAS testing, with each sensor communicating over a radio link to a VBOX 3i, which is used as the main data logger.

Accurate testing without GNSS

The VBOX 3iS features the latest multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS receiver as well as a high-grade Inertial Measurement Unit and the ability to connect directly to a vehicle's CAN bus. Combining wheel-speed data from the CAN bus with the inertial data further enhances the position and velocity measurements in areas with poor GNSS.

Ideal for testing in tunnels, urban canyons or at test tracks with heavy tree cover, the VBOX 3iS ensures the accuracy of the data being captured, even in restricted sky view conditions and can also fill gaps in GNSS coverage.


The above images are from a test that we carried out through the East India Dock Tunnel in London, which is 400m long. Using GPS only, our position was lost as we entered the tunnel. Adding IMU and wheel speed data into the system, the errors were significantly reduced and the vehicle was tracked through the tunnel with great accuracy, using the VBOX 3iS.

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