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VBOX 3i (V5) Firmware - Release Notes

Compatible Products (Product Code):

3.0 b34274 BETA - 7 February 2024


  • Improved accuracy of LngSsv calculations.


  • Pass-by Noise fix
    Corrected issue that prevented VBOX Setup from configuring name, scale and offset of a connected Mini Input module when set to either ‘Sound Level Meter’ or ‘Sound Level Meter and Weather Station’ mode. Note that to gain fix, VBOX Setup Software must be using VBOX 3i V3 plugin version 1.1.9 or greater.
  • CAN02 configuration fix
    Corrected issue that prevented the CAN baud rate configuration option from showing in the CAN02 module. Note that to gain fix, VBOX Setup Software must be using VBOX3i V3 plugin version 1.1.9 or greater.

  • Fixed occurrence where SBAS DGPS correction setting would not being retained.

  • Corrected an issue that prevented the population of trigger event time via RS232 serial stream.


3.0 b34245 - 14 December 2023


  • Added trigger event time when stationary


  • Fix for Local Co-ordinate position frame when in VEHICO robot mode

3.0 b34239 - 30 November 2023


  • Fixed an issue where IMU pitch and roll angle calibration could reset the Kalman Filter.

3.0 b34203 - 7 November 2023


  • Improved ADAS functionality
    • The VBOX3i can now measure ADAS parameters to a range of objects simultaneously, allowing for more complex and varied test scenarios to be configured. The VBOX3i can now measure
      • Up to 5 targets made up from a maximum of 3 Moving Targets and 3 Static Targets
      • Up to 3 road lines
      • Up to 99 sign posts
    • Target vehicle distances to line edges are now available to be viewed live in the Subject Vehicle
    • The current Line Curvature is now calculated by the VBOX and has been added to the logged channel list as well as on the CAN output
    • X/Y/Z position of both the subject and Target vehicle are available as a logged channel as well as on the CAN output
    • The ADAS configuration can now be loaded in the target vehicle via either Radio link or CF card.
  • Improved Kalman Filter
    • New routines added that improve attitude performance when stationary
    • "Initialise only when moving" mode has been added to prevent early initialisation of the Kalman filter caused by erroneous movement of the antenna, such as when the rider of a motorcycle shifts their body position, or on marine vehicles that cannot remain stationary.
  • Improved user experience
    • All standard VBOX Channels are now set to be logged automatically. Previous versions of VBOX Firmware required the user to select which channels they wished to log, and the VBOX was not able to log every channel that was available. Firmware version 3 now logs all available channels, ensuring that the user has all the data they need to successfully analyse their test
    • Channels can be enabled for live view directly from VBOX Test Suite. Previous versions required the user to enter VBOX Setup to set which channels they would like to view live over serial. This process has now been improved by allowing VBOX Test Suite to enable/disable channels on the VBOX3i's serial bus based on what data is currently being viewed or used in a test
    • Dual antenna level and alignment can now be performed within VBOX Setup, removing the need to do this via the VBOX File Manager
      • The user can now adjust the minimum speed at which the Dual antenna alignment occurs to cater for vehicles that cannot accelerate to the previously required 25km/h
    • IMU gyro and angle offset calibrations can now be performed within VBOX Setup, removing the need to do this via the VBOX File Manager
  • New File Format. Due to the increase in the number of channels that can be logged by the VBOX3i, Racelogic have replaced the .vbo file format with a new binary .vbb file. This file format is more space efficient and allows more data to be written and stored on the CF card than the previous text based .vbo format.
  • IMU05 and IMU05-S support has been added, ready for the release of Racelogic's next generation of IMUs.
  • Added support for new CAN Hub firmware (2.0.7) that allows data capture from two isolated CAN bus inputs.
  • Removed Kalman filter support for IMU03 units. IMU03 units can still be used for x/y/z acceleration and pitch/roll/yaw rate measurements.
  • Improved VIPS Support
    • The VBOX3i now has extra VIPS functions that allow the user to perform ADAS tests whilst under VIPS as well as the ability to use an IMU that is separate to the VIPS Rover. Contact for more information
  • New Acceleration channels that have had a 5 sample window smoothing routine have been added to the CAN bus on ID317 and ID318
  • Added ability for VBOX Setup to change logged filename and active file directory.
  • Replaced ‘CANVEL’ feature with a direct CAN wheel speed configuration; nominated CAN wheel speed channels are used to ‘fill in’ speed during occurrences of complete satellite dropout. Only applicable when IMU integration is disabled.

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