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VBOX Test Suite


VBOX Test Suite is our free data analysis software that is available to all VBOX users. It comes with three dedicated Coastdown plugins, making it easy to test in accordance with all the European WLTP GTR15, the American SAE J2263 and the Brazilian ABNT NBR 10312 standards.

Key Features

Session-specific information

The software allows you to enter session-specific information for each test, that defines test conditions and vehicle details. This includes required fields such as frontal area, rolling weight, temperature and pressure information for the SAE standard. The information is automatically saved to the log file and only needs to be entered once, it can also be exported for use in another file, saving setup time.

Live test results

VBOX Test Suite is compatible with any Windows-based PC, e.g. the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, allowing you to see your results live from the test vehicle.

Pass/Fail gauges are available to display if the speed quality or other pass/fail criteria have been met in real-time.

Test results area

Test results are presented in a user-friendly, intuiative way. You can easily filter results to include or exclude test runs, display average/max/min values and identify any runs which did not meet the required pass criteria.

Every time a new test is started, a new tab will be added to the test results area, allowing you to switch between separate tests and compare runs from each.


A comprehensive report can be generated at the end of the test, providing all previously entered session data, along with the coefficient results and a table and graph of force vs. speed.

You can either print the report or export it as an Excel, Word or PDF document, that can be easily shared with other engineers or teams.

Split runs

The software can add extra test intervals by splitting the test into different speed ranges. This is especially useful for the SAE J2263 test which requires the runs to be completed in pairs of differing directions. If the full coastdown cannot be completed in a continuous run, then the ‘Split Run’ option in the test settings can be used to combine the high and low speed portions into one complete coastdown run.

Calibration of wind speed & direction

The SAE J2263 Coastdown software will automatically calibrate the wind speed and wind direction and will not produce test results until the user has completed the calibration procedures.

WLTP GTR15europe

Coastdown testing to the new European WLTP GTR15 standard has pass criteria not just from a start to end speed, but also in 10 km/h decrements and in opposing directions. For instance, a 115 km/h - 15 km/h test requires an overall result, as well as from speeds of 115 km/h - 105 km/h, 105 km/h - 95 kmh and so on – with each section having to fall within a 3% tolerance to pass.

VBOX Test Suite automatically grades each section, of each individual run, and stitches each of the full runs together to form a comprehensive set of results.

Test data provided:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Average time
  • Produces real time accuracy figures using the latest GTR 15 WLTP procedures

This video demonstrates a coastdown test to the GTR15 standard being carried out using VBOX Test Suite (no audio).

SAE J2263sae

The US SAE J2263 Coastdown standard has until now required highly complex post-processing work, as well as demanding the use of onboard anemometer readings.

VBOX Test Suite Coastdown plugin integrates the wind speed via an analogue signal into the VBOX itself, and produces a road force measurement that completely removes the need for heavy-duty, time consuming calculations after the track tests have been completed.

This video below highlights the functionality of the SAE Coastdown plugin and shows how easy it is to use.

Test data provided:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Force
  • Wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Mechanical and aerodynamic coefficients
  • Road load curve using the equation of motion as specified in the J2263 regulation

This video highlights the functionality of the SAE Coastdown plugin and shows how easy it is to use.

ABNT NBR 10312brazil

The ‘ABNT 10312 Coastdown’ test plugin allows you to complete and analyse a coastdown test to the latest ABNT 10312 Coastdown protocol.

VBOX Test Suite calculates the total coastdown time and automatically excludes any non-valid runs. It automatically calculates the CVf’0 and CVf’2 values.