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VBOX Test Suite

pbn icon bluePass-By Noise

VBOX Test Suite is our free data analysis software that is available to all VBOX users. It comes with five dedicated Pass-By-Noise plugins, making it easy to test in accordance with all the below standards, prior to vehicle homologation.  

Key Features

Session-specific information

The software allows you to enter session-specific information for each test, that defines test conditions and vehicle details. This includes required fields such as kerb mass, power, idle rpm and rated engine rpm. The information is automatically saved to the log file and only needs to be entered once, it can also be exported for use in another file, saving setup time.

Live test results

VBOX Test Suite is compatible with any Windows-based PC, e.g. the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, allowing you to see your results live from the test vehicle.

Each Pass-By Noise plugin is configured as per the regulation, and will show you if a vehicle has passed or failed based on these criteria, in real-time.

Test results area

Test results are presented in a user-friendly, intuiative way. You can easily filter results to include or exclude test runs, display average/max/min values and identify any runs which did not meet the required pass criteria.

Every time a new test is started, a new tab will be added to the test results area, allowing you to switch between separate tests and compare runs from each.


A comprehensive report can be generated at the end of the test, providing all session information and results for post-test analysis. You can either print the report or export it as an Excel, Word or PDF document, that can be easily shared with other engineers or teams.

Start/Finish lines

You can set start and finish lines in the software, so that the test vehicle doesn’t have to come to a stop between test runs. The VBOX 3i Dual Antenna with RTK offers 2cm position accuracy and can be used instead of a laser light barrier, for single person Pass-By Noise testing.

Temperature & wind speed data

When using a weather station or additional sensors, data points like air temperature, tyre surface temperature and wind speed can be measured and included in the pass/fail criteria.

ECE R41/ R51r41 icon blue r51 icon blue

These VBOX Test Suite plugins allow you to measure the maximum sound pressure level of motorcycles with a power to mass ratio index (PMR) of over 50 (R41) and the maximum sound pressure level of motor vehicles with at least four wheels (R51)

The Pass-By Noise test procedure involves a wide-open throttle acceleration test (WOT) and a constant speed test, whilst the Additional Sound Emission Provision (ASEP) requires four runs past the microphones for every gear ratio.

The software allows you to specify the maximum sound levels for the full throttle and steady speed tests. It will also create different tabs at the top of the test results area to easily differentiate between WOT, steady speed and ASEP runs.

ECE R138 r138

This plugin allows you to measure the minimum and maximum sound pressure level of vehicles with at least four wheels and without an internal combustion engine operating.

The test must be conducted in both the forward and reverse direction, and VBOX Test Suite will automatically detect this if you are using the VBOX 3i Dual Antenna data logger.

The software will create different tabs at the top of Test Results area to differentiate between the maximum sound level at a constant speed (or cruise-by) of 10 km/h (Lcrs 10), Lcrs,20, Lreverse and Uncategorised runs.

ECE R117 tyre

The ECE R117 plugin makes it easy to measure the maximum sound pressure level of tyre rolling sound emissions. 

When using a weather station, such as the Davis Vantage Pro 2, the minimum and maximum air temperature and the wind speed can be specified in the test settings. A pass/fail column in the results table will indicate if the data is within the specified range or not. 

When using a temperature sensor, the minimum and maximum test surface temperature can also be added as a pass/fail condition.


The EPA Pass-By Noise plugin allows you to measure a motorcycle’s noise emissions levels, in accordance with the EPA regulation.

In this test, the throttle must be smoothly and fully opened to accelerate the motorcycle past the microphone target point under wide open throttle. When the engine capacity and rated RPM are input by the user, the plugin will automatically calculate the required Closing RPM.

The plugin also validates each test run to ensure that the pass conditions for the test are met including the Approach RPM and Closing RPM values, the location of the closing RPM after the test start and the maximum sound level during the test.

To help the test rider accelerate at the correct point and ensure quick repeatable testing, a wide-open throttle countdown timer can be added as a visual aid. A default reaction delay of 0.1 seconds is set when using the 'WOT Countdown' timer to compensate for a possible PC latency.