VBOX Telemetry Radios

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Telemetry-moduleThe telemetry modules from Racelogic are radio modems for use with the VBOX range. Each module contains a high power radio modem capable of transmitting and receiving RS232 serial data.

RACELOGIC radios are used for three main purposes:

  • To transmit and receive differential correction information (DGPS) from a RACELOGIC Base Station for local position correction.
  • To transmit 'ADAS' data between 2-3 VBOX units, for live vehicle separation measurement.
  • To transmit VBOX serial data from a remote unit to a laptop PC at a maximum rate of 20Hz.

There are a variety of telemetry systems available, employing a range of frequencies. Which version is used depends on the range over which they need to be employed, and local radio licensing regulations.

  • 869 MHz Radios
  • 915 MHz Radios
  • 2.4 GHz Radios
  • Variable Frequency Radios

For advice as to the most suitable type for your application it is best to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Each radio is supplied with a magnetic mounting antenna, and is connected simply to the VBOX via one cable. See radio overview for more info.

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