VBOX Centreline Deviation Software

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RLSWCLD01 Centre line deviation softwareThe Racelogic Centreline Deviation is a standalone application specifically designed for Racelogic customers who are performing centreline deviation tests using a 100Hz VBOX data logger or speed sensor.

The software allows you to verify a vehicle's ability to track in a straight line under the influence of external conditions such as side wind susceptibility, road camber, suspension geometry errors, deviation under brake test, and deviation during lane change test.

In order to establish the vehicle heading to base the deviation calculation on data is sampled in the short time before the centreline deviation test. This means that the test engineer can drive in any direction across the test pad, as long as the vehicle is kept in a straight line before letting go of the steering wheel.

This is useful for different proving ground layouts, and means that tests can take place in a variety of locations. To maintain accuracy, any runs in which the heading before the start of the test was not within the user defined tolerances during the averaging period are highlighted.


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