VBOX Test Suite - Brake Test Plugin

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VTS Brake pluginVBOX Brake Test software is a free plugin for VBOX Test Suite. Download VBOX Test Suite here.

Designed so that engineers can conduct brake stop testing that conforms to regulations specified in all regions, the brake test plugin is configured to produce results based on speed to speed parameters; or by a variety of alternative inputs - such as trigger, brake pressure or position values.



Brake Test configTests can be run within a tightly defined set of criteria, such as between temperature ranges. Centreline deviation is automatically calculated during each run, and thresholds can be applied to ensure that the operative gets immediate feedback on the validity of results.

  • Auto calibration of wheel speeds
  • Wheel slip calculations

The plugin also produces a comprehensive report that includes all the relevant test results along with the engineer's notes.

Complete the VTS Brake Test Tutorial here >

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