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VBTS ADAS pluginThe ADAS plugins are a set of test applications pre-loaded into the VBOX Test Suite software.

These currently include all three types of Euro NCAP tests: car-to-car rear stationary, car-to-car rear moving, and car-to-car rear braking (CCRs, CCRm, CCRb), Park Assist, and the UN R79 tests for maximum lateral acceleration, corrective steering function and lane keeping.

Required NCAP or UN test parameters are hard-coded into the VBOX Test Suite software and all relevant channels are automatically created and logged during a test.

The NCAP tests, for example, log the subject and target vehicle speeds, relative distances between them, lateral deviation, yaw and steering wheel velocity.

VBOX Test Suite also processes the data according to the boundaries set out in the relevant protocol. Every run clearly shows whether each test condition is within tolerance, and a pass/fail for the test as a whole.

This level of automation results in a significant reduction in post-processing work as well as the time already saved on track. You can download the software package here.


The above screenshot is showing an example workspace for a Car-to-Car Rear Braking (CCRb) test performed to Euro NCAP standard. Cells highlighted in red indicate that the test value is not within the required tolerance.

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