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VBOX Coastdown is a test plugin pre-loaded into VBOX Test Suite. You can choose between three test standards within the plugin, the European WLTP GTR15, the American SAE J2263 and the Brazilian ABNT NBR 10312.

SAE J2263

The US SAE J2263 Coastdown standard has until now required highly complex post-processing work, as well as demanding the use of onboard anemometer readings. The VBOX Test Suite Coastdown plugin integrates the wind speed via an analogue signal into the VBOX itself, and produces a road force measurement that completely removes the need for heavy-duty, time consuming calculations after the track tests have been completed.

This video highlights the functionality of the VTS Coastdown (SAE) plugin and shows how easy it is to use.

Test data provided

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Force
  • Wind speed
  • Temperature
  • Mechanical and aerodynamic coefficients
  • Road load curve using the equation of motion as specified in J2263 regulation


Coast down testing to the new European WLTP GTR15 standard has pass criteria not just from a start to end speed, but also in 10 km/h decrements and in opposing directions. (For instance, a 115 km/h - 15 km/h test requires an overall result,, as well as from speeds of 115 km/h - 105 km/h, 105 km/h - 95 kmh and so on – with each section having to fall within a 3 % tolerance to pass). Test Suite automatically grades each section, of each individual run, and stitches each of the full runs together to form a comprehensive set of results.

This video demonstrates a coastdown test to the GTR15 standard being carried out using VBOX Test Suite (no audio).

Test data provided

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Average time
  • Produces real time accuracy figures using the latest GTR 15 WLTP procedures


ABNT NBR 10312

VBOX Test Suite calculates the total coastdown time and automatically excludes any non-valid runs. It automatically calculates the CVf’0 and CVf’2 values.

VTS Coastdown ABNT

You can download VBOX Test Suite here.

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