VBOX Analogue Input Module (16bit)

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Analogue-Input-ModuleThe VBOX Analogue Input Module (RLVBADC03) is an 8-channel 16 bit analogue voltage interface designed for use with the Racelogic VBOX range of GPS data loggers.

Each channel is electrically isolated and provides bipolar voltage measurement up to ±50 V with a DC accuracy of ±2 mV (Calibrated at 23 °C). Isolated, regulated 5 V and 12 V supplies are available on the main 25-way sub-d connector in addition to a supply voltage connection.

Configuration software supplied with the Analogue Input Module allows scale and offset of the voltage reading for conversion into real data.

Connection is via the VBOX CAN bus, which means the modules can be placed very close to the sensors. This technique reduces noise compared with having long analogue signal cables running from the sensors to a main logging system.

CAN connectivity also means you can have multiple modules daisy chained around the vehicle, all sharing the same Bus.

Each individual analogue channel can be separately configured for Units, Scale and Offset using the VBOX Setup Software. These values are stored inside the input module, which then transmits "real" values on the CAN bus to the VBOX. This means that VBOX Test Suite and the Multifunction Display can show these values in real-time.



  • Timer controlled transmission or polled response
  • Wide voltage input range ±50 V
  • 16 bit resolution
  • ±2 mV DC accuracy (Calibrated at 23 °C)
  • Synchronous sampling of all channels
  • Bi-polar voltage input
  • Internal scale and offset for conversion to real data 

Inputs / Outputs

Inputs / Outputs

The ADC03 has 8 analogue input channels. This working range is ±50 V. There is no need to select a voltage range, allowing very quick and easy setup.




  • Number of channels: 8
  • DC accuracy: ±2 mV (Calibrated at 23 °C)
  • Input range: ±50 V
  • Input impedance: >100 KΩ
  • Output voltage supply: 12 V isolated 80 mA, 5 V isolated 100 mA
  • Supply voltage: 12 V DC
  • Current: 650 mA
  • Isolated voltage supply accuracy: ±5%


125mm x 119mm x 30mm


Download or print datasheet here.