Antennas and Mounts

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RLVBACS170 RRacelogic provide a number of different antenna options, depending upon the measurement system, the type of vehicle being used and the surrounding conditions.

Standard magnetic "patch" antennas are suitable where they have an unrestricted view of the sky and a good metallic ground plane, such as a car roof.

However, the quality of the signal received can be reduced by reflections from surrounding buildings, trees, and other obstructions. This is known as multipath and can result in increased noise and reduced accuracy.

Effects of noisy GPS signals

  • Less accurate general performance results. If the vehicle test is using speed as a start or end condition then the test could be started or stopped at the wrong time, leading to incorrect results
  • Less accurate Lateral and Longitudinal acceleration data
  • Less accurate Radius Of Turn and Centre Line Deviation tests
  • Less accurate slip angle tests
  • Less accurate vehicle position / driveline

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