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The first Velocity BOX data logger was launched by Racelogic in 2001, the year after the US Government removed restrictions on the GPS signal - thereby making it a viable method of measuring the speed and distance of moving vehicles.

Since then, the product range has grown from one data logger with a few accessories to a complete suite of data acquisition devices which cater for almost any automotive test, as well as being suited for use in open-cast mining, motorsport, marine dynamics, and collision forensics. Due to being small in size and with very simple installation, a VBOX can be put to use in just about any vehicle.

Based on a range of high performance GPS receivers, VBOX data loggers will measure speed, distance, acceleration, braking distance, heading, slip angle, lap times, position, cornering forces and more with high accuracy. Many ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) applications such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, autonomous emergency braking, and centreline deviation are developed, tested, and validated using VBOX equipment. Every major vehicle and tyre manufacturer in the world uses VBOX.

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