Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Roll Jump Record

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Jaguar Cars recently launched their new SUV, the E-Pace, with some style by jumping the car and breaking the world record for a mid-air barrel roll before landing it successfully on all four wheels. You can see the stunt here.

The Jaguar Team was aiming to reproduce the famous barrel roll jump from the James Bond movie 'The man with the Golden Gun'. Watch it here.

JLR ramp

The event was planned and developed with a combination of manned and robot-controlled jumps carried out at the Santa Pod Raceway, an hour away from the Racelogic UK office. During the first development phase the vehicle was controlled by steering, throttle and brake robots made by German company Vehico – which in turn were being fed speed and position from VBOX equipment.

Utilising a VBOX 3i RTK, IMU04, and RTK base station, positional accuracy was assured to within ±2 cm. This allowed for highly consistent test runs, conducted very accurately to ensure that any changes to the design of the ramp weren’t subject to differing approach paths.

JLR car setup

This screenshot taken from VBOX Tools shows how consistently close three of the test runs were:


The dual antenna VBOX was used to give an accurate body heading. The provided pitch and roll angles, allowing the ramp designers to understand what was happening during take-off and as the car rolled through the air. Additionally, acceleration data taken from each test was fed back into the simulation loop, making VBOX an integral part of the control and analysis of the stunt’s development.

This video is a mix of some of the test runs, both robot-controlled and manually driven, and culminating in the first successful landing on dirt:

Jaguar 360 flip stunt from Racelogic on Vimeo.

New NTRIP Modem allows for ADAS testing without a Base Station

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VBOX3i NTRIP ModemThe new VBOX NTRIP Modem allows a VBOX 3i RTK to receive positional correction data via Network RTK, without having to use a VBOX Base Station.

Correction messages received via the RTK network can be an advantage if testing is conducted tens of kilometres away from the base station, over large changes in elevation or where topographical obstacles could get in the way.

If RTK coverage is available, the VBOX NTRIP Modem allows for vehicle testing that requires high positional accuracy – such as when validating critical safety systems like AEB/ACC - to be conducted where a VBOX Base Station cannot be deployed.

VBOX CAN Hub released

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The VBOX CAN Hub (RLVBCANHUB) simplifies equipment installation of VBOX data loggers and modules, and connection to the vehicle bus. Its footprint is the same as the VBOX 3i, so it sits neatly underneath (see image below). The new hub solution is especially useful for ADAS testing setups by removing the need for a variety of splitters and additional cabling. More ...


VBOX Roadshow 2017

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Following on from the success of VBOX Roadshows in 2016, this year we will be hosting dates in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The roadshow aims to keep you up-to-date on the latest VBOX developments with vehicle test demonstrations taking place throughout the day.

Quattroruote 2016 v2

The Racelogic team will provide Brake Testing and Vehicle Dynamics demonstrations on the track, in the trailer we will be demonstrating the latest additions to the VBOX Test Suite application.

VBOX Racelogic European Roadshow - A Success

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The European leg of the hugely successful VBOX Roadshow 2016 has drawn to a close at Quattroruote, Vairano, Italy

After a 6 week tour of Europe, starting in France, travelling up to Luxembourg then down through Germany and finally ending in Italy, the European leg of the VBOX Roadshow has drawn to a successful conclusion at the ASC Quattroruote, Vairano test facility near Milan.

The event in Italy, put on in partnership with Giuseppe and his team from Remak, saw 30 delegates in attendance from a variety of companies including Ducati, Aprilia, FCA Group and Magneti Marelli to name just a few. Click on the link to take a look at some photos from the day:

The next outing for the VBOX Roadshow will be at MIRA and Heyford Park in the UK on 21st and 23rd June respectively – hopefully we will be blessed with the same blue skies that we experienced in Italy!

European roadshow 2

Racelogic USA Open House - January 2016

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Following on from the success of the Open House held last October at our offices in Farmington Hills MI, Racelogic USA are opening their doors again and invite you to come along to learn about our latest developments in VBOX technology. The Racelogic Team will be highlighting the exciting new VBTS features including video sync and mapping.

Date: Friday 27th January, 2016          Time: 10am - 2pm 

Location: Racelogic USA, 27240 Haggerty Road, Suite E17, Farmington Hills, MI 48331

IMU now with Roof Mounting Option

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roof mounted imu newThe VBOX IMU roof-mounting option allows for an IMU04 to be placed directly on the vehicle roof, co-located with the GPS antenna.

The IMU is securely fastened within the machined enclosure which has a magnetic base to ensure that it stays safely in place.

Maximum Kalman Filter performance and best application of lever arm correction requires configuration derived from accurate measurement between the IMU and antenna.

Co-locating the antenna and IMU on the vehicle’s roof there is no requirement to measure the distance between them as you do in a standard setup, and it is easier to install. With the GPS and inertial data sources coming from the same point, this critical measurement no longer needed, leaving only the required translation to – typically – the vehicle’s centre of gravity. This method is easier and isn’t prone to human error.


  • Yaw rate range ±450˚/s
  • Acceleration range ±5 g in each axis
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • Yaw rate resolution 0.014˚/s
  • Acceleration resolution 0.15 mg
  • CAN Bus interface
  • Integration with GNSS for consistent and accurate data in weak/degraded satellite signal conditions
  • Splash proof: IP67 rating
  • 0.05˚(RMS) pitch/roll and yaw angle accuracy when used in conjunction with a VBOX 3i

Highlights from the Unmanned Systems Exhibition, Atlanta

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Jim Lau, Racelogic USA, details the LabSat GNSS Simulator and VBOX Speed Sensor IMU while at Unmanned Systems 2015, held May 4-7 in Atlanta.

VBOX is a 100Hz dual antenna GPS/GLONASS speed sensor (VBSSISL) that combines signals from an integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU) with those from GPS to provide smoother output data even when satellite reception is interrupted.

The VBOX Roadshow

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A great start at MIRA

The VBOX Vehicle Testing Roadshow got off to a great start with the first day at MIRA Proving Ground on Tuesday 12th May. A wide range of attendees representing companies across the spectrum of vehicle development and testing came along for demonstrations of ADAS, dynamics, and braking. Our new hospitality trailer was the perfect vantage point to have a coffee, talk about new testing practices, look at software, and shelter from the wind!

Mira Roadshow 1

There is one more UK date in the calendar, on Thursday 14th May, and it’s not too late to register. At Heyford Park we will be joined by Thatcham with their static and moving balloon cars for AEB and vehicle separation demos; and Anthony Best Dynamics will also be on hand to showcase path following using a VBOX.

Ben Morris, of UK VBOX Distributor M-Tech, will be pleased to speak to anyone looking to arrange a site visit and further demonstrations.

Mira Roadshow 2

New Racelogic Support Centre

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To help you to quickly find the information you need we have launched a new online Support Centre. By simply entering your question into the search bar provided it will look through our extensive knowledgebase and provide you with a list of relevant articles.

By making all our data available online it gives you 24 hour access and ensures you’re looking at the very latest version. It also enables you to gain the same results from any location with a smart phone or tablet PC – a great tool to have when you come across a problem in the field.

If when searching you still can’t find an answer to your question, you can raise a support ticket and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. A support ticket can also be sent directly to our German and US offices for them to answer.

Try it for yourself at

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