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VBOX Test Suite Software - Release Notes

Compatible file formats: .vbo, .dbn and .vbb

2.1.6 - 8 February 2024

See expanded feature list on the Racelogic Support Centre.

New Features

  • Added support for VBOX 100 Hz Speed Sensors (VBSS100-V5) and VBOX 25 Hz Speed Sensors (VBSS25-V2)
  • Improved integration with VBOX 3i running firmware
  • New Dooring Test added to meet the Euro NCAP Dooring scenario in the VRU active safety assessment.
  • Display of current X-Axis value: The X-axis value for the graph cursor position is now clearly shown on the graph next to the axis label.
  • Auto-scale Y-Axis: You can now auto-scale the Y-axis in a workspace window by double-clicking directly on the Y-axis on that specific graph. The graph will then change into a "best fit" scale.
  • Heat map: The Heat Map feature on the Map ribbon tab now adds colour to the map to highlight a channel value at that location. 
  • Map Measure line is now extendable
  • You can now cancel the processing of results. This is useful for situations where the test conditions are not right and the process of generating the results takes a long time.
  • The software now supports a larger number of points and generates the output file quicker when exporting to KML file for Google Earth. 
  • Gates will now default to the last entered gate width, rather than to 20 m. 
  • You can now omit wind direction calibration in J2263 Coastdown tests.

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed a bug that was reported by a customer who was experiencing crashes when conducting brake stops.
  • Fixed a bug that causes the app to crash when exiting the test configuration while online.
  • Fixed a bug with tests that included a ‘Calibration’ step failing to complete with V3 firmware.
  • Fixed a bug preventing VBOX Test Suite from loading (in rare cases where the log file got very large).
  • Fixed a bug with VBOX Test Suite not reconnecting to a VBOX if the VBOX was coldstarted while being online.
  • Fixed the incorrect first sample value in the Rate of Change maths channels.
  • Fixed a bug with maths channels calculated from other maths channels sometimes returning no value.
  • Fixed a calculation bug in the J2263 Coastdown report (in some situations when using Split Runs.)
  • Fixed a bug with mining load/dump ‘regions’ that were reverting to 0,0 lat/long upon reload.
  • Fixed a bug with the Loaded state calculated in TxPH in mining, that was not being reflected in the Corner Analysis plugin.
  • Fixed a bug with interim results that sometimes returned duplicate columns with blank results.
  • Fixed a bug with not loading files exported from VBOX Test Suite with German language settings.
  • Fixed a bug where data for channels including underscores ("_") did not show in the Separate Table of the plugin results section.
  • Fixed a bug where exported gate names weren’t being retained when reimporting.
  • Fixed a bug where VBOX Touch trigger stop distance was not correctly calculated for very low-speed brake stops (i.e. 6 km/h).
  • Fixed a bug where the Speed at the Start of Test was sometimes reported as 0.
  • Fixed a bug where Save As .vbo with German regional settings could result in incorrect values upon reload.
  • Fixed a bug that caused transitioning issues for the vehicle overlay heading from 360 to 0 degrees.
  • Fixed a bug causing accidental resets when dragging left on the chart by increasing the threshold for Reset Zoom.
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse wheel did not work as expected after using Alt + arrows to navigate through the graph.
  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional crashes when using online mode and changing test conditions or during calibration.
  • Fixed a rare bug where result columns could show duplicate values in GTR15.
  • Added a scroll bar to prevent vehicle overlay going off-screen on displays with lower resolution.
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Refresh Channel Names’ that could affect ‘Pass by Noise’ tests with V3 firmware.

2.0.183 - 29 June 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Park Assist distance and closest measurements were sometimes reporting 0 instead of actual value.
  • Improved message to clarify which channels are required by VBOX Test Suite when 32 CAN channel limit is exceeded (VB3i ADAS/V3 firmware only).

2.0.180 - 21 June 2023

New Features

  • Ability to load a 'Vehicle Overlay' from a VBC file.
  • Ports listed for 'Online' connection now hides Bluetooth ports that are for 'outgoing' connections - thus only showing ports that can be connected to.
  • Ability to hide the 'subject' vehicle position when viewing a 'target' vehicle.
  • When viewing a VBB file, the 'File Information' option now gives extensive information about the settings of the unit that recorded the file.
  • Unit connection and re-connection improvements.

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Analogue/Digital channel values reverting to default names - rather than as named in VBOX Setup.
  • Test not always starting on AD channels.
  • AD/CAN Channel values not updating until a test has been started in some situations.
  • 'Cut' feature issue when x-axis set to 'elapsed time'.
  • Gauges not updating after power cycling unit.
  • Software crashing when exiting Test Setup in some situations.
  • Stacked chart horizontal separator occasionally not visible.
  • Gate crossed marker only displayed on chart for one file if multiple loaded.
  • Issue installing screen capture resolved.
  • Stability improvements.

Park Assist

  • Not all points calculated until 'Start' button pressed, Park Assist was not producing results with single-antenna and IMU as opposed to dual-antenna.
  • Crash when exiting Test Setup.


  • Coastdown run direction detection issue when the session crosses UTC midnight.
  • Coastdown GTR 15 exception fixed.
  • Coastdown SAE J2263 - bug in some situations preventing a test from being started.

2.0.147 - 28 March 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing analogue channels and CAN channels from appearing when some unit types connect online.
  • Fixed incorrect test distance when crossing midnight.
  • Added a warning message when the Bluetooth connection is lost.
  • Made Distance to Line measurements use ‘true heading’ with vbb files.
  • Fixed the Park Assist ‘distance to entrance point’ calculation.
  • Stability improvements. - 9 March 2023

(see also RACELOGIC Support Centre for more Details)

New Features & Functionalities

  • Support added for new VBOX 3i ADAS.
  • Support added for VBOX 3iS Dual Antenna RTK.
  • Support added for VBB binary log files, which are created by VBOX 3i (V3 firmware) and VB3i ADAS.
  • Support added for the new 25 Hz VBOX Speed Sensor (VBSS25).
  • Support added for VBOX IISX-V3.
  • Channels are now listed in ‘groups’, with the ability to search by channel name.
  • The position of VBOX subject and target(s) is now visible on the map in both online and offline modes
  • ADAS elements now displayed on map if present in VBB file: Lines (i.e. lane edges), Static Targets and Sign Posts.
  • When you are in online mode with VBOX 3i (V3 firmware) and VBOX 3i ADAS, any configured channel can be selected and included in the VBOX serial output without the need to use VBOX Setup.
  • VBOX Test Suite uses only ‘FIPS compliant’ encryption algorithms.
  • Video is now available in ‘Custom Test’. Previously, the video could only be seen in ‘Workspace’.
  • ‘Cut’ feature can now be used when multiple files are open – open files will be cut simultaneously.
  • Double-clicking on an ‘interim result’ column cell now sets the cursor to that location in the chart. This makes it easy to see where an interim condition has occurred.
  • File Info for VBB files is available in the File menu. This information includes diagnostics data and lets you add a custom scale and offset to the logged channels.
  • Coastdown GTR15 plugin improvements, including:
    - Optimized report to reduce width
    - Added ‘Overlapping Judgement’ validation
    - Prevent blank columns in the Excel export
    - Prevent merged cells appearing in results tables when output to Excel
    - Include dates within the report header
    - Allow more data to fit on the page
  • R51 Pass-by-Noise
    - End Line Offset configuration option added. This is to allow the test to end after the end line.
  • Park Assist
    - Added extra channels that compute the angle difference between the body heading of the vehicle and the parking lines.
    - Performance of live map improved.
  • Amendments to the Coastdown SAE J2263 plugin. It will adhere to recent regulation changes to reduce wind speed tolerances.
  • Performance improvements for ‘map’ and ‘dashboard’ when in online mode. This is to reduce the likelihood of UI lag when you are running long tests.
  • Chart display improvements for data that crosses UTC midnight or is more than 24 hours long.
  • The latest VB3i drivers are now available via Windows Update.
  • Time Events can be marked on the chart and used in test conditions.
  • You can save .vbb files as .vbo files. The 'Save As' feature in the File menu allows you to save a loaded .vbb file out as a .vbo file. This is useful if you need to convert a .vbb file to a .vbo file.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues when accessing online mode on the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Loading a .vbc lane file with 3 points, causing the lane to jump on the map.
  • Save to .vbo function now informs you if the disk is full.
  • Zoom and cursor position was lost after changing smoothing when in a Test Plugin.
  • Interim results were incorrect when crossing UTC time midnight for Custom Tests.
  • Brake Test - an issue with Corrected Distance for when the end speed is not 0 has been fixed.

2.0.53 BETA- 24 Jun 2022

  • Support added for new VB20SL-V4 units.
  • Download here.

1.11.31 - 8 October 2021

New Features

  • Support added for VBOX Touch online connection.
  • Frequency distribution analysis test results can now be further analysed to see distance or time spent within a channel value range, or how often the channel was within a value range.
  • Wheel Slip channels added to Custom Test Recent files list. It now shows full file path as a tooltip
  • 'Time since last run' can now include or ignore aborted runs
  • Report columns for Test Time, Distance, Start Speed, End Speed & Average Accel use decimal places as configured in Options
  • R41 test now usable with a larger range of PMR values
  • UNR79 tests now have smoothing on Lateral Acceleration due to regulation change
  • Interim results now available on UNR79 tests
  • R117 Pass-By-Noise tests can now be run in a single direction
  • Elapsed distance accuracy improved by counting start of movement from 0.5 km/h rather than 0.8 km/h
  • Support added for online connection to VBOX Sigma - our new low cost RTK data logger.

Bug Fixes

  • 1ft rollout accuracy improvement
  • Map Gates and Scale flickering when online
  • Zoom and cursor position lost after changing smoothing when in Workspace
  • Software crash when loading in a VBO file exported from a VBTS session when the session had been 'paused'
  • Certain MFDD values could cause VBTS to freeze
  • Exception given if no heading data present during brake test
  • When exporting test results, 'Time/Distance since last run' column values are always zero.
  • Exception when setting gate too close to end of movement
  • UNR79 lane cross not reported correctly when no vehicle shape/overlay defined
  • After renaming a session (by clicking on the tab in test results) that session name is not being reflected on reports
  • R117 Pass-by-Noise - changing tyre class wasn't automatically updating results
  • Maths channels that were copied & pasted did not retain formatting
  • Saving VBO file session 'Please try again after a few seconds' preventing the software from being closed
  • With 'refresh channel names' unticked, VBTS could freeze when connecting to unit
  • VBTS now more tolerant of missing or corrupted data
  • Reset on Start Condition advanced test configuration feature was not working correctly in some situations

1.10.83 - 23 October 2020


  • Speed Sensor connection issue fixed.
  • UI delay after completing online run in more than one session fixed.
  • Error when moving dashboard gauges with unicode character labels.
  • GTR15 Coastdown: Incorrect time in the result where time crossed UTC midnight.
  • Error Message "Could not load file or assembly -System.Net.Http" fixed.
  • Results 'Filter' feature now appearing correctly.

1.10.68 - October 2020

Features added:

  • Run Graph now displays an interpolated point for the start and the end of the run for a given channel. This helps to make it clear when viewing the graph what the start of run and end of run values were for that channel.
  • Measure Tool now interpolates the start and end of the range. Previously, the measure tool provided measurements from the first sample to the last sample within the range only.
  • End of Session condition now available in Custom Test plugin. This allows a test to be configured, for example, to start immediately and then stop at the end of the file.
  • New -Reset on start condition- option within a Brake -Trigger- test. This allows the test reset condition to be disabled, so the test will always start on the first trigger.
  • It is now possible to Copy Individual Result Cells, or multi-select cells by holding control, without including result column headers.
  • Session Colour now displayed within the File List ribbon drop-down menu on the Home tab.
  • Gauge Test channel selection organised by source of channel data, i.e. test column gauges, count down gauges, default gauges and test plugin specific gauges.
  • UNR79 Lane Keep - distance to lane computations now work when just one lane is loaded.
  • New Release Notes section within the File Menu detailing information such as new plugins, new features and bug fixes in relation to the current Software version. Release notes can also be accessed next to the software version within the About Menu.
  • It is now possible to Expand and Collapse Conditions within Test Settings.
  • Dashboard no longer rearranges gauges automatically. Instead, the user has the option to zoom the dashboard in and out depending on available space using the mouse wheel or zoom buttons on the ribbon
  • Other Dashboard improvements to include grid now being hidden and alignment increments being reduced, angular meter avoids wasted margins - and so renders much better when sized small, and new 'Dashboard Update Rate' available in options
  • Custom Test now allows a test to be started when a channel value >= a given value. Previously a test could only be started when a specified value was crossed
  • Lap Timing plugin (beta) - perform lap analysis for driving around a circuit. Also allows remote data connection for live analysis in conjunction with SimPack
  • Improved support for VBOX Touch data files
  • R51 Pass By Noise wide open throttle result column between PP- line and BB- Line
  • R51 Pass By Noise ability to set engine location
  • Chart now defaults to show the whole session - even when more than one run is selected. To compare runs, click on the chart then choose the 'Run Compare' option in the ribbon.
  • Clear All button to remove all open files/sessions
  • Brake Test 'Reset on Start Condition' advanced test configuration option added.
  • Ability to 'playback' a vbo file. Previously this was only possible if the file had associated video.
  • New 'Calculated Column' feature to allow calculations based on test results. Calculations can be based on other result columns or start/end/average/min/max/ value of channel during run
  • VBOX Setup now installed automatically on new installs of VBOX Test Suite.
  • VBOX Drivers are now installed on new installations without a separate install prompt.
  • It is now possible to install VBOX Test Suite silently via a batch script.


  • Crash when cutting 'Before Cursor'.
  • Legend order now consistent between charts.
  • Fixed issue preventing moving average and cycle TxPH calculation in TxPH plug-in when the file starts close to UTC midnight.
  • Exception message when copying column with result ticked.
  • KML export was including 0,0 positions from dropouts in averaging to give positions halfway between the two. Now dropouts are ignored.
  • Improved handling of data when UTC time crosses midnight
  • Brake Test 'Time since last run' fixed to exclude accidental test starts.
  • Zoom when 'Centre on vehicle' is enabled on map.
  • Improved map handling when sats are 0 but position is present.
  • Fixed Coastdown J2263 bug with run heading that crosses 0 degrees
  • Associated audio file continued playback issue resolved.
  • TxPH Moving avg and cycle value not calculated in specific situations / files fixed.
  • Vbo export losing lat/long precision
  • VB3iS vertical velocity fix
  • Copy chart as image causes user added chart to disappear
  • Channel names not shown on all charts for a screenshot.
  • Map jumping as user attempts to pan (caused by small mouse drag at same time)
  • Map scale numbers seem to jump around when zooming in and out
  • Error after deleting gate
  • Display all points on live chart - depends on Dashboard Rate being set in options.

1.9.10 - Nov 2019

Features added:

  • Added ability to connect online to a unit without refreshing channel names. This feature was previously known as 'Telemetry Mode' in VBOX Tools.
  • Added 'Braking Accuracy' pass condition.
  • VB3iS Kalman Filter status on serial.
  • Lat and Long_raw units updated for VB3iS.


  • Log rate calculation was sometimes incorrect on short files and resulted in software performance issue.
  • VBTS map has improved handling of data when coasting (without SATS).
  • AD channel names sometimes did not display as configured within VBOX Setup. Now fixed.
  • Adding gates in populated areas performance improved.
  • Performance improvements with 2nd channel for live chart gauge.
  • Improved connection resume after power cycle of unit or after exiting VBOX Setup and returning to VBTS.
  • TxPH fix to avoid incorrectly going into run comparison mode. - September 2019

Plugins added

  • ADAS UNR79 CSF (beta)
  • ADAS UNR79 Lane Keeping (beta)
  • ADAS UNR79 Max Lateral Accel (beta)
  • Pass-By Noise EPA (beta)

Features added:

  • Gates added to workspace
  • VB3iS serial support
  • Lane survey functionality (added to UNR79 and Park Assist)
  • VBTS in Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Korean
  • Video screen capture
  • Multiple video layout
  • Support for voice tagging
  • Add secondary channel to live chart -gauge-
  • Path follow UI & checkbox added 'show previous set to 5 seconds for backward compatibility'
  • Calibration warning whenever a calibration is selected/required
  • Auto scale for live chart 'gauge'
  • Renaming of result column titles
  • Saving of interim conditions to VBTS config
  • Saving of chart axis alterations to VBTS config
  • KML export UI trace.
  • Video playback 'hardware acceleration' (mainly for lower powered machines for multiple video)
  • Ability to load S/F lines
  • Dual antenna channel re-added to VBTS (VB3i)
  • Accel Use of gates as start conditions


  • Improve map performance for long running tests
  • Graph scaling improvements (for large files)
  • Lap timing availability improved
  • Test Suite handling of VB3i cycles
  • Time stamp of saved data improved
  • Files from VBOX Pro fixed (log rate error)
  • 'Vehicle up' feature improved
  • J2909 'missing 20th stop' present
  • Bluetooth connections improved
  • Latency issues improved on lower powered machines
  • Adding gates 'online' improved - February 2019

Plugins added

  • R78 Braking
  • R138 Pass-By Noise for electric vehicles
  • R117 Pass-By Noise for tyres (beta)
  • Park Assist (beta)

Features added

  • Centre Line Deviation check added to Coastdown plugins
  • Chinese and Japanese language support
  • Default results columns can be removed
  • Jump to data point from the measure tool
  • VBOX Mini micro input module channels can now be viewed live
  • 'Not between' alert condition added to gauges
  • Trigger channel auto scales to over-laid channel
  • Interim results now interpolates between samples
  • Vehicle overlay uses True Heading when available
  • Multiple Video VBOX files can now be opened
  • Trigger ignored for 3 seconds after test start (Brake Tests)


  • General chart improvements
  • General map improvements
  • Pass-by Noise accuracy improvements when starting on trigger
  • Elapsed Time calculation fixed when using -log when moving-
  • VB2SX modules no longer freezing when online
  • -Cut- chart action improved
  • Math Channel errors fixed
  • Kalman Filter status correctly displayed online
  • VBOX unit type and log rate recognised correctly
  • 'Brake Trigger' renamed to 'Trigger'
  • HASP key removed from installer and plugins - Jun 2018

Plugins added

  • R138 Pass-By Noise for electric vehicles (beta)
  • R78 Braking for motorcycles (beta)

Features added

  • Interim conditions as columns and between values
  • VBOX Sport online compatibility (via Bluetooth)
  • Can view chart data in -sharp- mode (Tools functionality) and can remove data points
  • End User License Agreement window presented during install
  • Duplicate module channel names supported (suffixes added)
  • Can now close all open files in session
  • Language support for French & German
  • Weather station input for Pass-By Noise plugins
  • Support of .vbc files as path/outlines
  • J2909 Braking can be started via trigger
  • MFDD can be displayed as percentage or speed


  • Runs on .NET framework 4.7.1 (older OS no longer supported)
  • Improvements to Path Prediction
  • Coastdown and Lane Change plugins no longer in beta
  • Gauge warnings are now independent
  • AD channel data can be displayed live
  • Progress bar shows status when coming in & out of Setup


  • 'Distance between runs' when online no longer increases due to noise
  • Live position now works properly when in IMU coast
  • L Urban calculations fixed when one microphone used in R51
  • Passing runs now ticked by default for Pass-By noise tests
  • General chart improvements
  • Vehicle overly correctly orientated when viewing multiple files
  • Graph cut function improved
  • Math channels handle non-default units
  • Files with large periods of no GPS data are handled better
  • Overlapping speed ranges displayed in Coastdown properly
  • Trigger speed calculation corrected

Beta versions added

  • Tyre Traction
  • R78 - Braking
  • J2909 - Braking
  • Corner Analysis - Mining
  • Time and Motion - Mining
  • R138 - Pass-by Noise - November 2017

New updates:

  • VBOX Setup compatibility
  • Maths channel improvements
  • Path Prediction update
  • General bug fixes - September 2017

New Plugins introduced:

  • Euro NCAP AEB
  • ABNT NBR (Brazil) Coastdown
  • Lane Change

New features:

  • New map functions -- > online map, centre on vehicle, vehicle up
  • Path Prediction (beta)
  • Keyboard shortcuts added

New updates

  • File loading performance
  • Bug fixes - February 2017

New Plugins introduced

  • R41 Pass-by Noise
  • R51 Pass-by Noise
  • GTR15 Coastdown
  • SAE J2263 Coastdown
  • Custom Test

Chart drawing improvements. Minor bug fixes. - March 2016

  • Lateral Aquaplane Plugin Added
  • Longitudinal Aquaplane Plugin Added
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes - September 2015

  • New brake trigger and speed test plugins
  • Additional accel test criteria
  • Bug fixes - March 2015

  • Updated UI
  • Implemented pre-configured test setups
  • Bug fixes - January 2015

Initial Software release

  • Accel and Decel plugins
  • Live data functionality