Speed and Distance Verification

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VBOX is the most accurate way of measuring speed, distance and acceleration, setting the standard for many years and used by almost every car manufacturer in the world.


The ability to accurately measure speed is essential for any vehicle. Car drivers need to know how fast they are going so that they can keep within limits, and the increasing number of detection systems used to enforce speed limits has meant that speedometers need to be calibrated very accurately.

Testing and Validating of Speed Measurement Equipment

When prosecuting speeding offences, evidence must be presented that cannot be challenged: the accuracy of the device used to capture speed at the time of the offence has to be accurate.


The nature of speed detection is changing, along with some of its philosophy. Whilst safety remains the main reason for installing enforcement cameras along a stretch of road, other environmental factors are now making an impact.

Areas where parameters such as emissions and noise need to be controlled over a long distance have given rise to average speed detection units, ensuring that the lower traffic speed results in less noise and pollution. The distance measurements used to calibrate average speed cameras must therefore be extremely accurate.

VBOX product can be used to easily test and validate speed measurement equipment like odometers, speed loops and speed cameras. The use of GPS allows this to be possible. Read more on how it works.


VBOX MiniAll RACELOGIC data logging equipment is able to perform acceleration tests to determine 0-60, 0-100mph, ¼ mile, VMAX, G-forces data. Data is logged to a memory card and can be analysed with the supplied VBOX Tools software.

Test results are either displayed live on a PC, internal screen or additional display, depending on the product in use. You can get a 20Hz VBOX data logger from less than $500.


Coastdown Testing

RACELOGIC provide a dedicated Coastdown software package for use with any VBOX 3i to ensure that the data is consistent and accurate, reducing test time. The software takes test data and performs statistical analysis in real time, to provide an immediate indication of when the required statistical accuracy has been met. More on Coastdown Testing.


Traction Control Development

VBOX3i-V2-V3VBOX logs all data necessary to evaluate the performance of traction control systems. It will for instance measure true vehicle speed and individual wheel speeds captured from CAN, ABS or wheel speed encoders. Our test equipment adheres to the NHTSA Traction Control and Validation Test for heavy commercial vehicles. See also our article on ESC Testing.

Performance Feel and Drivability

Objective data provided by VBOX equipment can be used to correlate subjective test results and can highlight test conditions that would otherwise not be quantifiable. VBOX will measure response delays, acceleration and jerk values.




VBOX has a significant advantage to other test equipment when conducting vehicle benchmarking, in that it can be easily moved from car to car and accurately decodes information from numerous OEM CAN bus protocols.

Test data can also be synchronised with video using Video VBOX.

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