Pass-By Noise Testing

Posted in Performance Testing


Certification of vehicle noise emissions for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and light trucks is achieved by measuring external sound levels according to procedures defined by international standards such as ISO 362.

ISO 362 defines the pass-by test procedures for measuring noise emitted by accelerating road vehicles, and the ECE R41 (motorcycle) and R51 (automobile) standards regulate the limits of the vehicle exterior noise.

Racelogic is providing Pass-By (or Drive-By) Noise testing equipment to log channels such as engine RPM, vehicle velocity and maximum vehicle exterior noise to the accuracy requirements of this standard. The system can be installed in the vehicle for R51, allowing the driver to operate the measurement equipment without the need for additional operatives.

Additionally, the VBOX Test Suite software has been enhanced to include Pass-By Noise plugins allowing development programs to be completed to the ECE R41/ R51 standards, prior to homologation testing.


The software allows you to enter session-specific information that defines test conditions and vehicle details, including the requirement of kerb mass, power, idle rpm and rated engine rpm. This information is automatically saved to the log file and so only needs to be entered once; it can also be exported for use in another file, saving setup time.

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