Electronic Stability Control Testing

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ESP-SR60-TorusS-in-R-Type-side-viewWith the recent introduction of mandatory fitment of ESC systems to passenger vehicles, manufacturers are faced with ever increasing investment in advanced testing equipment.

The documentation that describes test standards FMVSS126 (US) and ECE R13H (EU) gives an indication of the type of equipment required to successfully undertake the necessary procedures. 

VBOX test equipment is suitable for conducting sine with dwell tests without the need for ride height sensors or accelerometer packs, and can also be integrated with steering robots for consistent testing.

The 100Hz VBOX 3i, coupled with an IMU, provides highly accurate speed, distance, heading, and yaw rate measurement at significantly lower cost than the combination of accelerometers, ride height sensors and radar.

Additionally, the margin for error is lower when using VBOX as only a single integration is required to accurately measure lateral displacement, thanks to the very accurate speed and heading measurements provided.


Left: The VBOX 3i with IMU provide a stable base for the ABD SR60 steering robot Right: Complete technical setup, as fitted to a Honda Civic Type-R

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