Centreline Deviation Testing

Posted in Handling & Dynamics



End of line testing determines that manufacturers must ensure their vehicles do not 'pull' to the left or right whilst being driven in a straight line and with no steering input. The VBOX Centreline Deviation package features specific software which allows for accurate assessment of a vehicle's ability to achieve this.

The system can also be used to understand the effects of side winds, suspension geometry errors, and deviation during braking and lane change manoeuvres.

The vehicle heading is determined based on data captured immediately prior to the start of the centreline deviation test itself - allowing the test operative to drive in any direction across the test pad - as long as the vehicle is kept straight before letting go of the steering wheel. This flexibility is useful for different proving ground layouts, and means that tests can take place in a variety of locations.

If a run is completed without a satisfactorily steady heading having been achieved during the pre-test averaging phase, the centreline deviation software will highlight and 'reject' it, allowing for immediate analysis and for further runs to be conducted. In this manner, complete accuracy and consistency of testing is ensured.

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