Aquaplane Testing

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Aquaplane MIRA

Aquaplaning by a vehicle occurs when the water between the vehicle's tyres and the road surface cannot be displaced, leaving a permanent layer of water between the tyres and the road surface.

This causes the wheels to slip and prevents the vehicle from responding to inputs such as steering, braking or accelerating. As a result the vehicle can go out of control, particularly if the steered wheels are involved.

To combat this tyre manufacturers must ensure the tread pattern they use effectively removes excess water. To evaluate the tryes performance, tests must therefore be carried out with a high level of accuracy and consistency. 

The RACELOGIC VTS Aquaplane software can be used alongside the VBOX range of data loggers. The plugins allow the user to easily obtain results for both longitudinal and lateral aquaplane applications, helping to gain a greater understanding of the characteristics and behaviour of the tyres under test.    

Watch the VTS Lateral Aquaplane plugin in use:  

Watch the VTS Longitudinal Aquaplane plugin in use:

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