Brake Force

  • Released: 12 April 2022

  • Version: BETA

  • This app uses a Pedal Force Sensor (RLACS282) connected to the VBOX Touch via a Mini Input Module (MIM01) to measure stopping distance from a nominated pedal force to zero.

    The user can specify the pedal force at which the test should start, as well as a minimum speed threshold at which the test will start. The screen displays the current vehicle speed, the current pedal force, the braking distance, the MFDD and the  average deceleration of the last completed brake stop. The results from each brake stop are automatically recorded to a text file on the SD card, along with a .vbo file that contains all the VBOX data required for post-processing using the ‘Trigger’ plugin in VBOX Test suite.

    To use the app, the brake pedal force sensor must be wired into the ‘AN1’ channel of the Mini Input Module that is set into ‘Timed’ mode and with a baud rate of 500 kbit/s, data format of '32-bit float' and a timer value of 10ms. The ‘Voltage_1’ channel must be scaled and offset correctly within the unit, and the response ID must be set to 501.

    1. Download the .rvf file to your PC. 
      (The download is password-protected. You must register your unit to receive the required login details. Register here.)
    2. Place the .rvf file on the root directory of the VBOX Touch SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
    3. Insert the SD card into the side panel of the unpowered unit.
    4. Power up VBOX Touch.
    5. Confirm the update by pressing OK. The unit will then display an update screen with a progress bar.
    6. Once complete, the unit will restart.

    Once the firmware is successfully loaded on to the unit, the file will be removed from the SD card.

  • These apps are BETA versions and have not completed a full testing cycle and sign off – there may still be bugs in this version!

    All feedback would be appreciated. If you have any, please email .

    It is your responsibility to make any shared users of the equipment aware that it is running a 'beta' version – e.g. by fixing a temporary label to the unit.

    For more information, please contact .

  • Version - 12 April 2022

    • Adds support for the RTK version of VBOX Touch
    • Adds MFDD and average deceleration parameters to the main display

    Version - 14 February 2022

    • Initial release

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